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Caring for your comics

Written on Sat, Feb 12, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

Bags vs No Bags

I’m a little anal retentive about some things and that happens to be one of them. Every week I immediately read my comics when I get home (occasionally staying up past midnight to finish). Right after reading I seal them in an official bag and board then file them in my long boxes. I’m up to twelve of these boxes now and number thirteen will be soon. Everything is arranged alphabetically, in case you were wondering.

The other two members of Unshaven Comics have no such compulsions. I’ve lived with each of them at different times. Both of them have similarities in the manner of piles of comics sitting around on top of full boxes. Both of which also own cats. And we all know how considerate cats are of large stacks of colored paper.

I remember reading in the back of a few comics from Marvel (way back) where they talked to creators about what they do with their comics. They had people saying everything from fire proof safes to one who said he left his comics in public places for people to find after he was finished reading them.  When you’re able to get comped issue I imagine that is a much more viable option.

So does it matter how you take care of your comics? I mean, if you’ve already read them does it matter if you still take care of them or not? Obviously you know my answer unless you’re just skimming this. Yes. The majority of comic buyers I know aren’t just spending money each week for a enjoyable read they can discard after reading. Even when ‘Holding The Line’ this isnt a terrible cheap hobby.

No matter the reason, comics are an investment. Some people invest for their own personal enjoyment and others for possible financial gain out of it. With all investments you needs to protect it. In this particular case you get to do so literally with casing it in plastic. Or at least a flimsy sleeve with some card stock.

I buy at least 4-15 comics a week. Sometimes more. I don’t throw that money down for something I’m not going to take care of. And while my friends may leave their comics laying around for a few days in the end I usually get asked to help bag board and organize them. To be honest, it usually ends in us reminiscing about books we bought months or years ago. Just ask Matt about his KISS Psycho Circus collection.

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  1. matt says:

    Those KISS comics where good back in the day pal!