Professor Kyle’s New Comic Reviews 2-09-2011

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Warning. Spoilers below

-The Boys 51
The Boy’s continues a very non-violent streak through issue 51 written by Garth Ennis with art by Russ Braun. We are instead given the almost as disturbing view into the political landscape. We get a confrontation between Rayner and Butcher, we find out exactly what too many hits to the nuts have done to Monkey and the newest power player at Vought runs the odds on a fight.

Ennis does a wonderful job of pulling back from the bloody violence and tension that has often been on the surface for this series to give us a chilling look at those people ‘running the show’. From Rayner who has taken the blood on her hands as a way of sparing others from it, to a general who casually talks about soliders as nothing more than disposable tools we see some very disturbing sides of what really runs wars.

While I do miss the days when Darick Robertson was doing the full book every week, I must admit that Russ Brauns work has been an able substitute. The disturbing facia features and expressions of straight come through clearly and add everything they need to. Seeing Butcher with his trademark ‘gotcha’ smirk is always a good moment.

Grade B+

-Wonder Woman 607
Wonder Woman 607 continues to give us more answers and possibly even some insight into what has warped the world around so much for the Amazon Princess. In this issue we see Wonder Woman chase down the soldier turned minotaur in the sewers, while a trio of risen warriors lay siege on Diana’s home.

Ever since Phil Hester took over main duty on writing it feels like the gears shifted high and fast. In interviews we’ve heard that Straczynski’s notes are being referenced, but its still easy to see some of Hester’s touches with things like an amazon’s love of cappuccino.

Don Kramer lives up to Wonder Woman’s new direction that part 7 moves on. The most disturbing image and change of character is embodied in the first page. Wonder Woman seems to have a look of anger and almost glee in her fighting, that I thought was a poor depiction of focus at first. After reading the narration along with it though, its a perfect fit for the story, but a definite and possibly disturbing move.

Grade B

-DareDevil Reborn #2

DareDevil Reborn pushes into its second issue more gunfire than usually found with Daredevil stories. Cops, criminals all seem to be in on some kind of plan that involves shooting at, or talk of shooting at everything they see.

The plot Andy Diggle has laid out so far isn’t too unfamiliar. We have a quiet town littered with criminals, corrupt cops and crying children that flock to the main hero. It’s a little like the movie ‘Desperado’ (1995) in that sense. What makes the story interesting is that its happening to Matt Murdock. This isn’t a story you’d expect for DareDevil. While he has dealt with criminals and corrupt cops this is a different form for him.

Davide Gianfelice’s art is well suited for the grit the story has. Most importantly we see the one thing that has been missing from Murdock’s life all along. A nice Abe Lincoln beard.

Grade C

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  1. matt says:

    I like your comment on the beard for Daredevil. I think you should grade more comics by the length of the facial hair of the main character. Only if it’s male though, unless the female lead is supposed to have hair.