The Mark Millar Violence-O-Meter

Written on Tue, Feb 22, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

With the release of ‘Nemesis’ in hardcover soon to come out I decided to sit down and read the issues that a friend of mine collected. Being the sort of person that likes to look at multiple works of any writer this led me to go back and read through my copies of ‘Wanted’ and ‘Kick Ass’. all of these really got me thinking the total obvious. Mark Millar can tell a very, very violent story.

Going on that fact I started wondering if this is something that’s been ramping up gradually. Is Mark Millar getting progressively more violent?

I decided to find out. and what better way than with point scales! I put together a simple rating system for general violent acts found in each of the three stories and added them up.

The categories and points used. (I should point out the categories I and J had to made just for ‘Nemesis’)

A- Beating – 1 point
B- Maiming – 2 points
C- Death by beating – 3 points
D- Death by stabbing – 4 points
E- Death by shooting – 5 points
F- Small property damage (destroying a car) – 6 points
G- Medium property damage (destroying a house of 1 floor of a building) – 7 points
H- Large property destruction (whole building or plane exploding) – 8
I- Over the top death (Blow up/ squished by something) – 6 points
J- Huge scale destruction (multiple city blocks destroyed/ mass death event) – 10 points

Nemesis (2010)
Beatings – 2.
Maimings – 1.
Deaths by Stabbing – 11. This had to include blunt objects forced through people.
Deaths by shooting – 21.
Large property damage – 7.
Over the top deaths – 7.
Huge scale destruction – 3. The attack on the pentagon pretty much created this category.

Total of 281.

Kick-Ass (2008)
Beating – 9.
Maiming – 3.
Death by beating – 3.
Death by stabbing – 14. This is pretty much exclusively Hit Girl.
Death by shooting – 7.
Huge scale destruction – 1. It might be stretch but I’m including the building that burns down.
Over the top death – 6

Total 159

Wanted (2003)
Beating – 2
Maiming – 1
Death by beating – 5.
Death by stabbing – 1. Again including a blunt object, such as a chair leg.
Death by shooting – 52. Yes, I counted fifty two only because some are only implied, otherwise this would be a lot crazier to add up.
Small property damage – 1.
Over the top death – 3.

Total 325

So there you have the data as it is. It seems things having been shifting more than I thought from more to slightly less violent. I found it a little surprising to think Wanted classified as the most violent, but looking at some of the page where you see 5 people with shots going through their heads, it does make sense.

Now no matter what you can say about the violence level of these books, there is one thing that came to my attention as I looked at what categories I would need. There is no rape. While the topic does come up, and sexual perversion/ oddity does get involved, not once is sex by force portrayed in these stories. So we can all rest assured that no matter how many people we see crushed in car compactors, there are still lines left uncrossed.

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  1. Marty says:

    I’m going to have to work this system into my daily life some how, only 57 points so far today.