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Mixed Up March: Black Cat.

Written on Wed, Mar 9, 2011 by Matt posted by matt

Welcome to Wednesday’s M.U.M post!  Today’s post is coming in a little late and I’m sorry for that folks.  But here it is anyway, still on time, still on Wednesday.

Today’s subject is Black Cat.  Normally a busty lady in a full body black leather cat suit, I made her a him.  But running with the theme, I kept the full body leather suit and just made Spider-Man’s life that much more interesting when you have a flaming cat burglar hitting on you.

I laughed when I thought of it and when I drew it.


This is also a Black Cat design that I had in mind.  He’s much more serious in this one.  Taking on the characteristic’s of a Robin Hood like figure.  Fighting injustice and stealing with a purpose instead of stealing for greed.

A quick and dirty sketch, but one that’s stuck with me.  I may have to turn this into something more with Unshaven Comics in the future.

3 Responses to “Mixed Up March: Black Cat.”

  1. Mike K says:

    I think I see Unshaven Kyle’s evil grin in that second picture.

  2. Kyle G. says:

    The eyes on the second one are just plain freaking me out. Don’t ever let me see this in real life.

  3. Angie says:

    And Kyle knows from scary eyes! 😀