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Mixed Up March: Emma Frost

Written on Wed, Mar 2, 2011 by Matt posted by matt

Welcome to the second entry in the Mixed Up March theme.  I think I’m going to shorten that down to M.U.M for the rest of the month.

Anyway, what we have here is the reverse of Emma Frost: The White Queen.  I’ve named him Erik Frost: The White King instead.  Didn’t know what to do for a background, but I thought a liquor cabinet would fit his personality.

As for the *ahem*…junk.  Well the original character had big, implant style boobs.  So I thought, what’s the opposite of that?  It came out OK, I don’t draw many “pretty boys”.  He wears mostly white, so I kept the line work to a minimal and his back arm is turning partly into diamond form for anyone who wants to color this puppy.

As I told my wife last night, this one’s for the ladies…

Click on the image to see the junk full sized!

2 Responses to “Mixed Up March: Emma Frost”

  1. Mike K says:

    I think Matt had a little too much fun drawing someone’s junk. Just sayin’.

  2. Marc says:

    Drawing the junk is part of the fun. Is it me, or are the hands an eensy bit small?