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Warning: Spoilers below

Ultimate Spider-Man 155
The final prelude to the Death of Spider-Man happens with Ultimate Spider-Man 155 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Chris Samnee. Weve seen this before as the calm before the storm. With the latest story of Spider-Man and  Iron Man teaming up while Mysterio and Black Cat had a teamup of their own we get a small moment to evaluate where things are and a few small but important changes. And we see those same purse snatchers from waaaay back who still don’t have matching outfits.

Bendis has done a nice job separating the Ultimate Spider-Man’s life from that of the original. With things like J. Jona Jameson knowing Peter’s identity, and keeping it secret. We see a lot of interactions between the character’s here in a positive manner. We even see Kitty Pride re-enter the picture. Things seem in a positive light here and for those who remember how the picture looked just before Gwen Stacy died, lets just keep an eye out for the next issue.

Samnee’s art definitely has a straighter edge and more realistic feel than we’ve had for a while. The changes do add something, especially when we see Jameson wearing a fedora, the art feels like a better fit there, but when we have the personal moments with Kitty or MJ and Peter it feels less expressive.

Grade B

-Wonder Woman 608
In Wonder Woman written by J. Michael Straczynski and Phil Hester with art by Geraldo BorgesThe altered reality Giganta, Artemis and Cheetah continue to hunt for Diana as more layers to the story unfold, kind of. After the slaughter of the other Amazon’s at the established safe house, the three resurrected warriors draw Diana in to finish her off. Meanwhile the Goddesses of war behind the slaughter Diana’s sisters are given a stern warning that they serve someone more powerful than they, and “Diana must not become one of you.” New twist are coming to light as we see someone else is running this show (Please not Zeus or Aries) and Diana get assistance from someone readers haven’t seen on a few years that promises to make the next chapter very interesting.

It’s still hard to know what aspects of the story are more from Stazinsky and Hester at this point. I can truthfully say the pacing has improved with Hester’s taking over. We’ve seen more development and information given out, but from everything posted it’s very much based on JMS’ plan, so credit will have to split between the two. As a story that started off just focusing on Diana’s new jacket, the story has taken off well and hopefully continues to get as much, deserved, attention.

The art continues to do a great job on fight scenes and facial expressions of fury and anger. The real gem of this issue is tied to a reveal on the last page.

Grade B+

-Guarding The Globe 4
Guarding the Globe written by Robert Kirkman and Benito Cereno with art by Ransom Getty. After several issues of team members being gathered (both good and bad) we finally start seeing some interaction between our collections of heroes and villains. Like most stories in the Invincible Universe this one does a lot to make sure the characters aren’t flat or all the same. From Chupacabra’s drinking issues, to the continuing relationship to already established characters Punchout and Kid Thor.

The story follows a similar idea of the team of secret villains looking to prove the heroes can’t stop them. The message does come across loud and clear as heroes are each beaten while the villains get away. The difference being the hint of greater intrigue with Cecil Stegman at the end as he puts together the pieces ahead of everyone else. Nothing here is significantly new for most readers, but the cast of characters along with the fact that none of them are mainstays or even cornerstones of this universe do make the stakes more interesting.

The art feels grittier and more realistic compared to how these books have looked in the past. As this is a departure from Mark Grayson’s life that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even with the more realistic feel, the little amounts of blood and violence still feel toned down by comparison, which is a welcomed change.

Grade B-

-Batman and Robin 21
In Batman and Robin 21 written by Peter J. Tomasi with are by Patrick Gleason we go right back into the action here as the plans of Gotham’s White Knight are uncovered. We discover the identity of issues previous victim and a vague notion of their plans to come.

Tomasi has shown a strong grasp of the character’s involved here and how to handle them well. Gordon grumbling about how he should have gotten a teaching degree and Damian correcting Pennyworth about he won’t someday be a good detective since he already is, these great little added moments definitely add something to the story.

Gleason’s action sequences are nicely done and easy to follow, but the body design work seemed a little rough at times. Seeing Dick with his neck almost as thick as his head seems a little off.

Grade B+

-Justice League: Generation Lost 21
JUstice League Generation Lost 21 written by Judd Winick with art by Fernando Dagnino pick up after the Death of the third Blue Beetle. Everyone is dealing with things in their own way between wallowing in despair, to questioning their abilities and some nearly hooking up after months of tension building.

With the action of the last few issues this one really stops so Winick can give us a view into the minds of how everyone is dealing with Jaime’s apparent demise. Winick does this fairly often in the series, seeing how the situations and landscape of what is going on changes so quickly, it’s nice to see the heroes take stock. The ending does come as a pleasant surprise, sort of.

Dagnino’s art does a good job of capturing the mood here. Good shading and tight boxes give a feeling of discomfort when we should be feeling it.

Grade C

-New Avengers 10
New Avengers 10 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Mike Deodato and Howard Chaykin continues the two stories of Luke Cages modern day Avengers and Nick Fury forming the 1959 version. While there is snappier dialogue to bee seen with Spiderman and Wolverine the 1959 story line holds more interest as we see characters like the previous Silver Sable and Kraven the hunter recruited to fight Red Skull and the 4th Reich. It just comes off more captivating than a brawl (even a magic brawl) outside a Home Depot.

Bendis handles both stories well, and at different paces for us. It’s interesting that they actually seem to move opposite in the sense that the modern story is winding down while the 1959 story is just getting underway. There’s no real info of what these two have to do with each other beyond being Avenger teams, but time may still tell on that.

Deodato’s art still hold together as well as it has since Dark Avengers. Chaykin’s art for the 1959 story is a different feel, but compared to the rest of the book, feel lessened.

Grade B-

-Batman Inc. 3
Batman Inc. 3 written by Grant Morrison with art by Yanick Paquette pick’s up with Batman and El Gaucho deal with a mystery that may lead them into deadly death trap. The issue actually begins with what appears to be a previously unseen group of British heroes tracking down one of their own who’s turned traitor. This may be tied to the identity of the unseen villain from previous issues.

Morrison’s previous work on stories like the League of Heroes from his Batman run are definitely still on his mind here. It’s comforting to see that he has stories and ideas planned for those characters that have only been scene a handful of times in so many years. While they are likely done to give a better feel for where the story takes place, the narration bubbles in Spanish were definitely unexpected.

Paquette’s art is able to cover a nice range here. The movement scenes, from a seductive Tango to a fist fight surround by scorpions holds up well and keep the eye moving. The lighting and coloring effects prove to every bit as the pencil here for some of these scenes. With anything written by Morrison, it’s hard to know what isn’t important.

Grade B+

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  1. Rebel Rikki says:

    Great write-ups as always. I actually went looking for these earlier today; I was hoping you hadn’t canceled the feature. 🙂

    I agree with you about Paquette’s art in Batman Inc. I wasn’t totally a fan for the first couple issues, but I think he really came alive in this one.

  2. Kyle says:

    Thanks Rikki. Feature wasn’t cancelled, and isn’t likely to ever be. Just delayed a day due to a personal engagement. Thanks for reading, and glad you enjoyed it.