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Warning: Spoilers Below

-Avengers 11
All of the Infinity Gems are accounted for in Avengers 11 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by John Romita Jr. The issue is narrated by the Watcher as he watches the Hood fight each of the different Avengers teams to gain and loose gems. In the end with only three for him and two held by the Avengers he seeks out the Soul Gem hidden by Dr. Strange only to find Thanos taking it.

Bendis does a nice job taking us through what is going on and thanks to Uatu’s knowledge and insight we get a perspective on the Hood we might not have had otherwise. It’s also nice to have some reminders what happened last time the gems were sought by a bad guy or used by someone who didn’t understand them.

The different take on the perspective in this issue give Romita a unique opportunity. There are several splash pages in this issue, but since its being observed in a way for us it makes sense to. Also the 16 panel, one page mental battle between the Hood and Xavier was picture perfect.

Grade A-

-Incorruptible #16
Things pick back up with the death of one of the Paradigm in Incorruptible written by Mark Waid with art by Marcio Takara. In this episode we see Max thinking fastest on how to save Qubit after being shot by Headcase while the rest of the Paradigm stands around shocked. We also see another attack on Max Damage orchestrated by Mr. Bellamy from the shadows. We also see that the Paradigm has no more interest in including Max in their plans to rehabilitate/ save the earth. Looks like Coalsville is as far as he’ll be going, but it does at least have clean water after the end of the world as we know it.

Waid’s writing takes takes a nice turn here on the interaction between Headcase and Max. Even though Qubit isn’t dead Max finally realizes how much harm he has done indulging her heroic fantasies and leading her own. As he confesses his fears and failure to Ms. Patell at the end its easy to think he may be thinking the same about his own delusions of heroism.

Takara is able to bring out the creepiness that Waid wrote into the issue along with the humor. The balance is nicely plaid and as able to effective make me smile moments before needing to cringe at some of the reference to an obese coupes sex magick.

Grade B

-Wonder Woman #609

Wonder Woman 609 written by Phil Hester, J M. Straczynski with art by Don Kramer takes us through an unusual journey through Diana’s past, mind and soul with a most unusual guide. Dr. Psycho takes Diana on a tour of what her life could have and has been over so many other worlds It’s not certain if these are just other similar stories to her own or if he has some kind of insight into what’s really going on with reality but it seems he definitely remembers what the world was really like and doesn’t want it changed. In the end he does help Diana to what she may need to assist her journey by “You must choose it. Create yourself.” This perspective on Psycho is interesting that is own obsession is a kind of love.

Hester’s story here is well told and an important moment in the story beats. Diana has recognized what she needs and even been guided (by a shocking assistant) to where she needed. The good directions are definitely continuing.

Kramer’s art follows through nicely with this issue. The fading in and the structure of Diana’s mind are both done realistically without seeming to much like they aren’t reality to here when they happen.

Grade B+

-Secret Avengers #11
Steve Rogers takes a trip through the mind of an old ally/ current enemy in Secret Avengers 11 written by Ed Brubaker with art by Will Conrad. In this issue Steve Rogers volunteers to be a part of an untested attempt to sync his mind with the captured John Steel. This setup is nothing new but true to Rogers character, and it allows us to see WWII heroes fight Nazi’s, frankenstein monsters and almost Cthuluhu like aliens.

This feels like an odd sidestep for Brubaker. His spy and espionage stories are always written extremely well but this feel like it isn’t his element so a formula was relied one. What was written here was done well and important to continue to move John Steel forward, but didn’t impress as much as previous chapters.

So of the small things stood out with this issue on Conrad’s part. The characters all look a little too muscle bound, even the chubby scientist, but the implied movement from drops of blood caught in the air or a blur while a person rides a horse are great to look at.

Grade B-

-Action Comics #899
It looks like Lex Luthor may finally get what he wanted in Action Comic 899 written by Paul Cornell with art by Jesus Merino.Confronted with Brianiac we see how long this has been planned out with both parties as the secret of the black spheres goes up for grabs. Eventually Luthor proves the superior mind and body as he snaps Brainiac’s neck and leaves him to drift while he engages the spheres. This unleashes a creature that Luthor is absorbed by on a astral/ mental level which means issue 900 we are likely to see a God-Luthor on the loose.

Cornell’s writing ties back to moments hinted at from all over the story arc leading up to know. We even see moments from the War of the Superman and it’s lead up for Luthor and Brianiac used. The creature released into our universe was a bit of a curveball but its purpose seems to be more what Luthor is going to do with it rather than where it came from.

Merino’s body’s floating in space do a nice job looking like real bodies without looking flat on the page since ground isn’t defined. We have some great action poses and facial expressions that even includes Luthor laughing. The draw back is the same surprised look gets used on all three characters in this issue a little too often and with the eyes a little too far open.

Grade B

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