The C2E2 Sketch Report: Day 2

Written on Tue, Mar 22, 2011 by Matt posted by matt

Annnnndddd we’re back with round two of the convention sketch’s.  Let’s get going:

This was an awesome commission from a repeat customer.  Remember that Spider Jerusalem piece, same guy.
So we have Captain Cold, just killing one of the flash’s here.  Fitting since he’s going to be the new hero of Central City in the Flashpoint crossover.


Oh Catwoman, how so many fan boys and girls love you.  This wonderful little number was part of a collection of Catwoman sketch’s in a book.  There was some great stuff in there and I felt I really have to bring some of my “A” game to the table.  That can be intimidating in of itself when you get these “theme” books.

The owner of said Catwoman sketch book collection.  Also a little shout out to our buddy Mike Gold in the back there.


This was a fluke piece really.  I had sketch cards out for sale the whole weekend, thinking they would move like hot cake’s.
Didn’t happen to much there.
One gentlemen said he would buy one if I had a Spider-Man done and ready.  I agreed to do it and thus we have the fun image to the left.  But he never came for it and I wound up putting it out for sale Sunday.
It found a happy home with another gentlemen buying for his son.


Without fail every year I get somebody who want’s me to draw them or somebody they know into a comic book character.  This year it was somebody’s son as Thor Jr.  Funny enough, this was a rush job on 11×17 paper as they were leaving in an hour.  Not to bad a gift from a dad to his son.

Here’s the dad and son.  If I had more time, I would have loved to do the dad as Odin,
but they only had a Saturday pass and it was getting close to closing time.  The kid loved it and the dad was impressed I got it done in the time frame given.


Well, that’s it for Day 2 of sketch’s.  There where more that I did on Saturday, but they carried over to Sunday.  So expect to see them on the Day 3 post.  Remember that herald piece of Bobba Fett from Day 1, your about to see the product of that tomorrow.

2 Responses to “The C2E2 Sketch Report: Day 2”

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    Nice! I especially like the kid as Thor. It’s not *TOO* shabby!

  2. Schwing says:

    The catwoman is awesome