April Addition Armageddon

April Addition Armageddon: Captain Winnie and Friends

Written on Thu, Apr 28, 2011 by Matt posted by matt

Hey hey everybody!  Welcome to the Thursday post of April Armageddon!!  We’ve got a two for one deal today as we present Captain Winnie and Dennis the Invincible.

I was originally going to post the black and white version, but decided to just slap some flat colors on last minute for effect.  Looking at them both, I’m glad I did.

I am by no means the computer colorist that my unshaven cohort Marc is, but I can color stuff too.  Even if it’s just basic stuff for effect.

I’m done for my share of this month’s stuff.  If you didn’t see your suggestion posted, I’m sorry.  We had a ton of great thoughts, but couldn’t get to them all and have our work on Disposable Razors 3 suffer too.  But keep an eye out, you may just see them get posted anyway down the line for laughs.

One Response to “April Addition Armageddon: Captain Winnie and Friends”

  1. Kyle says:

    Lets see who would make good planeteers for Pooh.
    Earth – Rabbit. He does love growing carrots.
    Fire – Tigger, him with flame powers is too good.
    Wind – Eeyore. Just because.
    Water – Piglet, somehow I just think of him with a water pistol.
    Heart – Roo. Come on, he’s adorable