Kyle’s New Comic Reviews 4-20-2011

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Reviews 4-20-11

Warning: Spoilers Below

-Invincible #79

In Invincible 79 written by Robert Kirkman with art by Ryan Ottley Invincible takes one turn for the more mainstream while also taking a turn for the more socially shocking for readers. This issue is still covering Marks return to earth and luckily he even shares some of the quick bullet points in a brief 3 panel discussion with the Immortal and Dupli-kate at a dinner party along with Adam Eve. It’s right afterwards the Eve pulls the biggest shocker this series has had in a long time by confessing that she was pregnant when Invincible left and as a result had an abortion.

Kirkman has pulled some shocking moments before, even ones that are more socially relevant, such as seeing a female character with her face bruised after her boyfriend beat on her. These points bring us back to an interesting balance of a story beyond heroes in tights fighting men who turn into evil dinosaur monsters and also address real problems and hard decisions that can come up.

Ottley is still at his best but you can definitely slight differences, especially when you look at the differences for super hero costume designer Art Rosenbaum now and in the earlier volumes. A lot of details are being put forward that weren’t there before.

Grade B

– Invincible Iron Man #503

Tony Stark comes to a breaking point in Invincible Iron Man 503 written by Matt Fraction with art by Salvador Larroca. With time ticking down to a city’s destruction Tony Stark finally accepts defeat and grovels at Dr. Octopus’ feet only to find it was all a scam. Afterwards Tony make an agreement with the Norse Gods to construct their new city as the book prepares to cross with the Fear Itself mega event.

Fraction does an effective job of tying up this story and preparing the series to cross into the major event coming up, but since it is Fraction’s mega event it makes sense that the series would cross into it easily.

Larroca’s art conveys the seriousness of the cat and mouse game between Stark and Octavius in this issue. He also does an incredible job showing strength in the few images we have of the Norse God’s sitting and hearing Stark’s proposal for them.

Grade C+

-The Avengers #12

The Hood and all the Avengers face off for control of the Infinity Gems in Avengers 12 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by John Romita Jr. This issue shows the final showdown with the Hood coming down to a game of keep away and a switch the happens off panel to defeat the bad guy instead of a cosmic throw down. The final moment of the issue equates to Steve Rogers admitting that Tony Stark was right to keep the illuminati’s actions secret was all justified now that he is included in hiding one of the gems now that Blackbolt is dead.

Bendis takes an unexpected turn with Thanos’ arrival last issue being an ineffective ruse. In the end the changes in the roster with Iron Man leaving and Red Hulk joining will definitely have an impact on the team itself.

Romita’s art work seems to take a harder edge than normal here. With the reality altering nature of most of this issue Romita does a great job of showing frustration and intensity.

Grade B-

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