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Reviews 4-27-11

Warning: Spoilers Below

-Action Comics #900

Action Comics reaches issue #900 with writing by Paul Cornell, art by Pete Woods and contributions by Paul Dini, Richard Donner, Gary Frank, David S Goyer, Geoff Johns, Damon Lindelop, Ryan Sook and Brian Stelfreeze. The main story in this issue comes to a conclusion and a mid point as Doomsdays (plural) gather everyone with a Superman Emblem on their chest but the son of Jor-El himself. Superman is pulled across the universe by a now Godly Lex Luthor. Luthor, realizing his powers are empathy based is faced with the decision of bring peace and tranquility to the entire universe and cementing a place as a god, if he can only let go of his vendetta against Superman. For the briefest of moments we believe it might actually happen. Its then that Luthor makes the only decision he can by using it instead to try and destroy Superman, quickly loosing it all. In the end Lex is sucked into one of the black sphere’s as Superman returns to the remains of the destroyed New Krypton to save his allies (and Cyborg Superman) from the Doomsdays.

Cornell and Woods do a masterful job tying the two main superman stories together here so we can see one finish into the other. The final art for Lex’s story and how it ties into what Doomsday is up to is slightly unclear but likely to be explained further.

The five bonus stories here include work from some of DC’s top creators and movie makes in the form of Donner and Goyer. Each on brings some insight into the Man of Steel and each one is certainly a fine addition to this milestone.

Grade B+

-Osborn #5

Osborn’s mini series comes to an end in Osborn #5 written byKelly Sue DeConnick with art by Emma Rios and Becky Cloonan. Osborn makes a major power play by doing the one thing no one expected after his escape. With the secret prison destroyed and the other maximum security prisoners scattered to the wind, Osborn makes the surprise move of turning himself in to the police. This servers the purpose of turning public opinion on its heel again (which Osborn does frequently) terrifying those responsible for locking him away and putting Osborn in a surprising position of power as the only one who can say what went on at the prison since he successfully drugged the reporter who tracked him there.

DeConnick’s writing really flourishes here at the end of the story. As stated before she finds a wonderful balance for Norman Osborn to come across as brilliant and terrifying. The introduction of other character’s like Dr. June Covington is what also makes this a wonderful story. We can only hope we will see more of everyone from this book.

Rios and Cloonan’s art has the same wispy look of the previous 4 issues. Without as many strange movement suggestions as before to cause distraction it flows much smother to the very end.

Grade A-

-Secret Avengers #12

Secret Avengers #12 bring the end of Ed Brubaker’s writing for the series along with art by Will Conrad. This issue pivots back on track quickly as John Steele is quickly subdued again after escaping a mental reenactment to determine what made him join Shadow Council. The high point of the book is looking at exactly how many counter measures were prepared just in case Steele awoke and attempted to escape. Once back in Steele’s mind we are treated to the explanation of why he betrayed Steve Rogers later and joined the council, along with more bug monsters and Frankensteins.

Brubaker’s writing takes a much firmer step here as we return slightly to the espionage aspect of the series. Now that more than just two heroes invading a castle is happening it feels like the last issue is opened up further and put back to Brubaker’s area of expertise.

Conrad’s art has the same gritty feel that fits this book best of all the Avenger’s comics right now. The darker sense is perfect for a team based on black ops and tracking down threats before they happen.

Grade B

-Wonder Woman #610

We get a few more answers and an ending in sight as Diana charges to meet those behind the changes in reality in Wonder Woman 610 written by J. Michael Straczynski and Phil Hester with art by Eduardo Pansica. In this issue Diana has an experience meeting those close to her in her former life, one of the three fates confesses to the change in her history to save her, Diana deprograms the brainwashed amazon’s attempting to kill her and finally gets the Oracle some gum.

Since stepping Hester has set an amazing tone and pacing for the series here. We’ve had things come across clearly and even has character development where it might not be noticed. Such as when Diana, prone to anger, forgives and spares the minotaur that kidnapped a child.

Pansica’s art walks a great balance of simple and detailed when called for. The face of the fate is well detailed along with the scene with Diana returning to the Oracle all look crisp.

Grade B

-Batman Inc #5

The story arc with Oroboro ties up (maybe?) in Batman Inc 5 written by Grant Morrison with art byYanick Paquette. In this issue we see the true labyrinth of Dr. Dedalus (or maybe not) exposed by Batman, Batwoman, Gaucho and now the Hood from Britain. In the end we see the bigger picture of what’s happening (definitely this time, I think).

As the story goes on Morrison keeps adding more pieces to the board. This is definitely something he has practice with and it won’t be until the end that we see what’s been going on all along. It’s rare that I say this, but I almost wish I was doing this one in trades. Or possibly absolute editions so I had writers notes and charts to help.

Paquette’s art holds well with Morrison’s writing in that we always seem to see just enough to keep us in the dark. The characters and landscapes look wonderful but clues seem to always be just hidden by what’s going on.

Grade B+

-FF #2

Dr. Doom joins forces with the Future Foundation in FF #2 written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Steve Epting. In this issue Valeria follows through on her promise to help restore Doom’s mind with the help of the FF students, Spiderman and Mr. Fantastic while the Thing and Invisible Woman try to work out where their place is if Doom can be on the FF.

Hickman does a great job with the different character portrayals in this issue. Ben and Susan not being able to cope while Doom is so easily insulting and pragmatic. The best written of all is Spiderman, clearly uncomfortable with Doom being there but able to proceed and help find an answer to help.

Epting’s art has a lot of repetition moments here that add a sense of wait and tension when its needed. Having Doom almost to slow to keep up with the usual banter actually felt off and it seemed to show for everyone reacting.

Grade B-

-Justice League: Generation Lost #24

Justice League Generation Lost comes to the series conclusion in issue 24 written by Judd Winick with art by Aaron Lopresti. Everything comes to a climax and even full circle here as we see the Justice League International duke it out with either OMAC Prime or in Boosters case, Max Lord himself. The ending is somewhat bittersweet in the sense that Max barely is able to escape while the OMAC is stopped and Wonder Woman is saved. The highlight of this issue is the promise of more to come in a new series for the JLI.

Winick’s ending has positives and negatives here. I’m not totally sold on Max just being bent on Killing Wonder Woman for revenge. Max’s line about it being revenge because he’s human and when someone kills him he wants to get them back does fit with him better than it might have without the line, but it still feel like shallow motivation. With Max still moving in the shadows hopefully we will have another chance to see him take a crack at world conquest.

Lopresti’s art makes for a great finish to this book. The action sequences flow nicely and the major splash pages (such as a great one of Blue Beetle) are done spectacularly.

Grade A-

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