Mixed Up March

Mixed Up March: Venture Brothers!!

Written on Fri, Apr 1, 2011 by Matt posted by matt

Mixed Up March Venture Brothers!!!!

OK, this was the shit to work on.  Had way more fun on this piece than I originally thought I was going to have.  If your nice, I’ll even make a print of it just cause it’s frigging’ awesome.

In general it’s just a gender swap, but what a swap!!!

OK, that does it for Mixed Up March.  Stay tuned for April Addition Armageddon coming soon.  Remember, we’re taking two characters from opposite universe’s and combining them together.

Click on the image to see it larger.

2 Responses to “Mixed Up March: Venture Brothers!!”

  1. Kyle says:


  2. Kyle says:

    Okay, they need names.

    Becky Samson
    Dr. Gertrude ‘Ruby’ Venture
    and the girls: Diana and Heidi Venture