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Ultimate Spider Man #157

Ultimate Spider Man 157 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Mark Bagely sees Peter Parker warning his loved ones to flee before searching for Norman Osborn and the other escaped enemies. This issue reminds us that the Ultimate Universe isn’t afraid to go drastic different directions than the normal 616 as we see a big name character who got a huge boost in Ultimate Doom (Otto Octavius) get beaten to death by an enraged Osborn. In the end we see this issue cross paths with Avengers vs New Ultimate #3 for a cliffhanger ending.

Bendis’ writing is hitting all the points that have made the series a success up till now. The absolute craziness of Osborn, the real care and fear in the quiet moments between Peter and his family in danger and even the real moments like Aunt May and Gwen Stacy watching television together before things begin to panic. It’s what makes Bendis writing so strong and this series such an enjoyable read.

Bagley’s art is still true to form. The action sequences he puts together is made great by the implied violence. The fact that we never see Octavius killed doesn’t stop the horror that comes with the blows being struck or the way Peter recoils when he sees what’s left off panel.

Grade A

-Justice League: Generation Lost #23

We finally begin the final confrontation between our heroes and Max Lord’s ultimate plan in issue 23 of Justice League: Generation Lost written by Judd Winick with art by Fernando Dagnino. After unleashing an army of OMAC’s this time we see OMAC Prime, which thanks to being built by Professor Ivo seems to have some Amazo components since it copies Fire and Ice’s power sets.

Winick does a great job ramping up the action as we head for the final chapter. We have two fights going on with a lot riding on each of the. Luckily the final issue is going to be double sized for everything that needs to happen to wrap this story up.

Dagnino’s art is simplistic style works well for the series. The characters are easy to tell apart along with the action without too much detail.

Grade B

-R.E.B.E.L.S. #27

We come one step closer to the end with R.E.B.E.L.S. #27 written by Tony Bedard with art by Claude St. Aubin. Here we see Starro’s forces continue their full scale assault, Lobo may have meet his brawling equal and Lyrl Dox takes control of one of his father’s assets.

Bedard is close to bringing things to a full speed finish here. We have Starro clearly with the upper hand with most of our more well known heroes. Putting him back in for the finish of the series is a better move than any of the more well used characters and having a new take on an old threat has given the series a good flavor all its own.

St. Aubin’s art continues to hold perfectly. The gritty looking action when Smite and Lobo are beating each other senseless is a great visual.

Grade B-

-Batman and Robin #22

Batman and Robin 22 bring the conclusion of the White Knight story written by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Patrick Gleason. The final confrontation for not just the families but for the lives of Arkham’s Inmates between Batman and Robin. It looks like a new villain might be around for Dick to deal with again. Between the ending of Streets of Gotham, this issue and so much of Paulo Dini’s run on Detective Comics Arkham Asylum must be twice the size it once was.

Tomasi does an excellent job crafting a complete story with a new character than makes sense in the Batman universe and presents a new challenge for Dick and Damian.

Gleason’s art does an great job in setting especially with the over abundance of light obscuring how things look.

Grade B

-Avengers vs New Ultimates #3

Things heat up quickly as the two most powerful super teams finally clash in Avengers vs New Ultimates written by Mark Millar with art by Leinil Yu. In this issue Fury makes a move on the current New Ultimates headquarters to kidnap Carol Danvers while eluding the heroes he once commanded. The fighting leads us to a direct crossover moment on a bridge as Spider Man intervenes at the last possible second.

Millar sets thing to quick motion here as we see everything from fist fights, to giants crushing cars and near impossible chases going on. The over the top action feels real and well placed for everything that’s been setup leading to now.

Yu’s art captures this story perfectly. While some of the facial expressions are difficult to differentiate at times, the fluid action sequences are a great choice for this series.

Grade A-

-Secret Warriors #26

Secret Warriors lays more information and reversals of what’s been going on with issue 26 written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Alessandro Vitti. In this issue Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Baron Strucker of Hydra both lay their cards on the table and we get (maybe) a clear picture of what’s going on and who’s been pulling the strings. In the end it’s going to be very important to re-read this series with some paper so you can make graphs to determine where the changes take place and that it all adds up in the end.

Hickman’s writing here continues to play two roles and play them well. First we get an excellent near ending to a near end of an espionage story. Motivation’s are being laid out and we are seeing where there were twists that the readers plainly saw but were still completely unaware of. Secondly, Nick Fury is re-established as the leading bad ass of the Marvel universe. Many writers have shown him being strong or gruff but Hickman puts him back in the alpha dog who out plans everything role.

Vitti’s art seems to hit a high not this month. Most of the story is set with Fury and Strucker staring death at one another and the facial expressions of disgust, anger and even mocking victory are done incredibly well for the two.

Grade B+


-Unwritten #24

After last seeing him in issue 12 where we left him being tormented by some kind of fable-ish nightmares Pauly the rabbit returns in Unwritten 24 written by Mike Carey with art by Peter Gross. This issue makes a turn that is like following the bible crossed with Winnie the Pooh as we follow a large group of human-like animals journeying up a never ending stair case for a fabled ‘Golden Door’ which will lead to their creator and prosperity. Being the bastard he is Pauly takes advantage until he eventually leads them to near ruin only to escape himself to parts unknown.

Carey has made it a habit to take breaks from the main story and show us glimpses of the past or what’s going on with Pauly. Like many writers it’s another thread that is in play that no one in the main story is even aware of thanks the Mr. Taylor’s death. It is possible that Pauly could find his way back and may prove a dangerous force when he does. It also reflects on Tommy’s father on the fact that he would inflict such a punishment on anyone.

Gross’ art work does a great job creating a word full of characters that seem like they came from a childhood memory while also giving them a darker sense and grittiness that creates the right atmosphere for the story in this issue. Its a perfect issue for this series in the sense that we see so much of what people remember bring them joy and even wonder in their childhood faced with much cruelty and difficulty.

Grade A-




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