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Warning: Spoilers Below

-The Boys #53

Mallory’s history and the first supes to be deployed in combat comes to an end in The Boys 53 written by Garth Ennis with art by John McCrea. In this issue we see the worst possible outcome when an unprepared tank division and untrained super heroes are ambushed by a German tank division with Panthers. This story certainly displays Ennis’ interest in the military, along with the disgust that can come when politics or companies screw over troops by forcing them to us inferior parts or supplies. The story may be about super heroes filling that role, but it’s not fiction that it’s happened and what kind of results can come out of it.

Ennis’ story in this issue continues to come from Greg Malory, the only survivor of the first super human war deployment. This clearly explains his reasons for forming the Boys in the first place. Ennis does a great job of showing the anger and disgust in his voice. We aren’t just treated to an account of what happens, the narrator here is clearly still angry, rightfully so.

McCrea’s artwork is always likely to be compared to Robertson’s and comparing the two no longer seems fair. Robertson did an excellent job of displaying violence and horror associated with it but McCrea’s done an great job displaying the gruesome and suddenness of a fire fight breaking out between two groups of soldiers. He deserves more credit than he’s recieved.

Grade B

-Irredeemable #24

Awake and back among his element Plutonian is back in action in Irredeemable 24 written by Mark Waid with art by Peter Krause. In this issue the Plutonian learn the identity of his new ‘friend’ or possibly not since his face goes blurry when Plutonian isn’t looking. The two look at the chance of a real escape that the rest of the universe may not be able to handle. Meanwhile Qubit now partnered with Modeus confronts the aliens that took Plutonian and force them to reveal his location.

Waid’s writing definitely continues the trend of all characters taking a path the seems ‘irredeemable’ in this issue with Qubit. While he does have a legitimate axe to grind with the aliens he seems al to willing to destroy a likely piloted ship and remove a hand from their leader. This from the man so bent on preserving life he was willing to save a crazed Plutonian’s life.

Krause’s art is still strong here. The fazing face of the stranger helping Plutonian and the monsters inhabiting the planet asylum make this a great visual issue.

Grade B-

-Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #5

We come back from a long break and a tie-in one shot to Avengers: The Children’s Crusade 5 written by Allan Heinberg with art by Jim Cheung. In this issue Iron Lad (eventually to become Kang) rescues the rest of the Young Avengers and Scarlet Witch into the time stream. Since we’ve already had a refresher of how the Young Avengers formed this time we get a refresher of when Scarlet Witch went over the deep end as the heroes visit the beginning of ‘Avengers: Disassembled’. While there the Scarlet Witch regains all her memories and the team inadvertently rescues Scott Lang (Father of Young Avenger Stature) from his death is the ‘Disassembled’ story.

Heinberg has given us good glimpses into multiple events that are tied to the continuity of what’s going on here. The events may not mesh perfectly with what is happened in every previous story but its close enough that it shouldn’t make a total difference.

Cheung’s facial expressions and overall look of the character’s has been excellent. This issue has a great early splash page of fighting with a lot of heroes and the obvious joy on Stature’s face at seeing her father alive is amazingly conveyed.

Grade B+

-Secret Six #32

Some of the teams past shows up to haunt them in Secret Six #32 written by Gail Simone with art by J. Calafiore. In this issue we get the full story on how Ragdoll got put in charge of part of Hell. We also see a show down between the current Secret Six taking on his Secret Six Hundred and Sixty Six which includes past teammates Parademon and Scandal’s beloved Knockout. All this and Cat Man hunts down his dead father’s soul for a final confrontation of his own.

Simone is doing a great job of tying in story and plot threats that have happened all over this series. We even see some real character development out of Ragdoll. As the majority favorite character it would be easy to leave him alone and just et him and his pet monkeys amuse us endlessly its gratifying to see even he can change or evolve.

Calafiore’s art holds up well with the damned and evil. The horde of demons and monsters are easy to tell apart, its nice to see an army out of hell that have differences instead of all the same walking withered skeletal soldiers.

Grade B

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