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Reviews 5-11-11

Warning: Spoilers Below

Batman Inc #6

Batman Inc #6 written by Grant Morrison with art by Chris Burnham takes a break from the larger story arcs and gives us a good look at what the larger story from Morrison has become. After years of Bruce fighting the unseen terror that was the older Thomas Wayne and the Black Glove, weve now turned to the organization Leviathan and their evil schemes. This time Bruce cannot do it with him small inner circle, so he’s creating an Army.

Morrison puts things as plainly as he’s ever put anything I’ve read over his tenure on Batman, and its still very well done. We have Bruce taking steps to protect his plans and methods by going as far as spreading rumors and conspiracy theory’s online. Credit to Morrison for always getting Batman to do new things.

Burnham’s work continues to shine in this issue. Especially with the differences in looks between the darker and shadowy batman and the rounder looking Bruce Wayne.

Grade B+

-New Avengers #12

Dueling stories continue in New Avengers #12 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Howard Chaykin and Mike Deodato. In this issue Hawkeye swears to hunt down and possibly kill Superia completely defying the lesson he learned when he decided to kill Norman Osborn a few months ago. Meanwhile Superia corners Victoria Hand only to change her mind when Hand tell her she’s running H.A.M.M.E.R. like a chump when she could do it better. Meanwhile in the other Avengers story Captain America and the Red Skull are killed by Nick Fury’s proto-Avengers almost making it certain they were both fakes. All this brings up the very good question: What do these two stories have to do with each other?

Bendis’ writing continues along a good path, if a somewhat predictable path. Hawkeye is enraged over the wounds to the woman he loves. He’ll get told that murder isn’t the answer but go out to kill Superia anyway. Victoria Hand will keep Superia from killing her by leading her to believe she will take the lead of H.A.M.M.E.R. and betray her at a critical moment. These are well used plot devices, and who knows, I could be mistaken.

Deodato’s art is still a great fit for the modern day story. It’s definitely taking a darker turn and his shadow work is well suited for it. Chayken’s art seems like an older style but doesn’t entirely work for me. The longer the I look at the pages the more I think it’s more to do with the coloring.

Grade C+

-FF #3

FF #3 written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Steve picks back up with Dr. Doom assembling some of the greatest minds that had ever tried to destroy Reed Richards, with the assistance of Reed Richards. This issue catches up with more details of the remaining Council of Reeds loose on earth. The Reed’s presence doesn’t seem to be a good thing since they are moving against the 4 cities of which Valeria was warned by her brother from the future. It will come to a council of the fantastic four’s smarter enemies to stop them.

Hickman’s writing here continues to tie into everything he wrote as part of his run on Fantastic Four. The fresh new ideas continue coming through.

Eptings art still seems ideal for the stories about super heroes and science involved there.

Grade B+

-DareDevil Reborn #4

The mini series wraps up with DareDevil Reborn #4 written by Andy Diggle with art by Davide Gianfelice. As predicted, Matt Murdock survived his seemingly fatale attack from Calavera only to get the direction and inner strength he needed from talking to the bind boy he met in the first issue. He returns to defeat the bad guys and finds his way home to Foggy wanting to start things exactly like none of this ever happened.

Diggle’s story follows a pattern. As I mentioned before it’s been told so many times from Ramboo First Blood to Desperado. In the end this series will have little to no lasting impact on DareDevil’s history.

Gianfelice’s art holds up well enough. If anything he doesn’t use enough blacks in the shadowy scenes in an old warehouse and Foggy’s unlit apartment. The show of whats happening is a refreshing change from most comics that are quick to black in every edge.

Grade D+

-R.E.B.E.L.S. #28

Another series comes to a close with R.E.B.E.L.S. #28 written by Tony Bedard with art by Claude St. Aubin. In this issue we see the planet now home to the Tamaranian’s, Ranian’s and the L.E.G.I.O.N. defend itself from Starro the Conqueror’s latest attack. In the end everyone is saved by Vril Dox’s son Brainiac 3 before his departure. The series leaves a number of newly open and loose threads, even tying into recent events in Green Lantern. With Bedard taking the reins on one of the Green Lantern titles hopefully we will see everyone again.

Bedard handles the interstellar conflict situations well. A planet in peril does seem like chaos, and there is so much happening at one time its almost hard to keep track of. By the end the three organizations on the planet are more unified than ever, especially with Blackfire choosing Vril as her new consort. Meanwhile a factory full of comatose Lobo clones has gone missing and the L.E.G.I.O.N. has gotten word that there is trouble on Oa (War of the Green Lanterns). We can only hope we see more of everyone here.

Grade B+

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