Kyle’s New Comic Reviews 5-04-2011

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Reviews 5-04-11

Warning: Spoilers Below

-The Boys #54

The Boys 54 is possibly the longest read for the series yet, written by Garth Ennis with art by John McCrea. This issue continues the fill in history bestowed upon Hughie, this time going from the end of World War II up through the 80s and the actual formation of the Boys just prior to Butcher’s recruitment. The biggest moment here is actually a barely mentioned moment in a single panel. Blarney Cock (the hero Hughie accidentally killed way back when) is known to be the Legend’s son, but he’s also Maeve’s son. This is a pretty big revelation, but looking at the strange relationship the two have hinted to have, not totally unbelievable. The other important notes of this issue is a repeat of Vought America = Bad, Mallory and the Boys = Not great, but best intentions.

Ennis continues to paint a clear picture of what war and espionage will do to anyone in the long term. The full journey that Mallory had to take to come to the point where the Boys was a good idea was not a happy one. We see a government that will endanger its soldiers in the name of cheaper guns, how creatures like the heroes of this universe crept into the world and even what steps a normal man would take to prevent it. There’s a lot of story here as we take a brief detour from some of the violence this series can be known for.

McCrea is beginning to show greater strength for his backgrounds and panorama scenes. Some of the wider views are unsetting in their way and display the right message, especially for this series.

Grade B

-Secret Six #33

The forces of hell clash against the Secret Six in issue 33 written by Gail Simone with art by J. Calafiore. In this issue every member confronts what hell has to offer, whether its their worst fears or in Catman’s case he ensures that his father is punished terribly for all of eternity by being devoured-passed-reformed-repeat forever. In the end the pattern repeats that when things are truly at their worst the Six pull together and show they are willing to do what they have to as the most dysfunctional family ever created.

Simone’s writing creates a very twisted sort of family tale that comes together here. This is all still the fault of Merkel, without question, but its the larger story that ties this arc and many of those that came before it the come to a head here.

Calafiore has an amazing approach on displaying the look of hell. The way its initially presented has the feel of being done with a slight comical feel. It becomes serious quickly but the first impression is perfectly in line with Simone’s writing.

Grade B-

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    Matt you are welcome to do the reviews any time. How’s next week for you?

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