Lending Comics Out

Written on Sat, May 14, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle


Most comic readers and collectors have gone through the lending process. You have a book or series a friend and or fellow reader hasn’t seen themselves. You want to set a coworker straight that not all comics are guys in tights by lending them ‘Transmetropolitan’, or you desperately try to get your girlfriend to enjoy some comics by giving her ‘Sandman’. It can happen a hundred different ways.

It seems great at first. The prospect of sharing something you enjoy or are passionate about is always an attractive one. However there is always the dark side of this age old practice. Weeks go by and you don’t hear anything. Eventually you might ask what happened only to have the person tell you they forgot about them but will get to them eventually.

Additionally worse is when the books go missing, or are returned with obvious damage done to them. If you’ve never experienced someone assuring you Cheeto stains were on a book when they got it, you are seriously missing out.

When this happens it’s important to control your geek rage. Some of you may or may not have seen people come to blows over what someone has done to their stuff, but it’s important to keep perspective. Unless your comics are sealed in a CGC case then they are still open for reading and
if you’re lending them out you should clearly understand the risk.

If things do go bad the only polite and acceptable thing to do is the careful and practiced art of passive aggression. Calling the person everyday. Bringing it up without an actually transition or segway. Emailing them every hour on the hour. Whatever you have to to get your copy of Quantum and Woody issues back.

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