Supreme Powers want you back

Written on Sun, May 29, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

This June the Marvel series Supreme Power returns with Supreme Power The Redemption of Mark Milton. For those unfamiliar with this series and what’s happened it might be time for a refresher and some perspective.

Let’s look at this in terms of a relationship. When you first meet Supreme Power in 2003 it’s edgy. It doesn’t mind swearing or nudity. It’s new and original and you get along great after all. This goes on for a year and a half and its great.

Then things go into a transition period and he gives you a couple of mini series (Hyperion and Nighthawk 2006). Things things happen and you know people can change. When he does change formats he wants to be called Squadron Supreme now (just like his dad because he was so popular) and he’s toning things down. No more swearing or nudity, but you get all kinds of promises that things won’t change between you. Seven months later the visits and calls stop. You see some updates online and promises that you’ll be together soon but after waiting and waiting for months the pictures online go away and all you get is rumors that its over with no explanation. The hardest part is that things were very much unfinished with lots of questions you didn’t get answered. There is crying involved.

Fast forward to 2008 and you get work Squadron Supreme is back in town. It’s part of a cross over with some other popular guys and he wants to see you. He’s only getting a few months and hopes you can forgive him and with how things ended you give him another chance. In the end nothing you remember as being unresolved gets answered. In fact its as if it was all fixed or never even an issue in the first place. So you feel confused and before you can process what going on again it’s out the door with you money in its pocket.

After leaving with your money it then decides that its willing to give things another try with an ongoing series (September. 2008 – June 2009). Thinking back to all the good times you agree. Sure it still won’t be as edgy but you remember the good times and are willing to try again. When it moves it you realize its characters have completely changed. It’s taken a totally different stance on what it believes is right and wrong. After almost a year the calls stop again. This time no updates online.

So now it’s two years later and who’s back at the door? With his name changed back to when you first met, and promises of being ‘controversial again’. Does this sound just a little like a cycle of abandonment and abuse to anyone else?

But it sure is looking a lot better than when it left. Maybe things will be different this time.

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