The Unshaven Rant-Cast: Episode 14.2!

Written on Wed, May 25, 2011 by Marc posted by marc

Part Two of Episode 14 promises to be the artiest episode yet! Without their faithful writer at their side, Marc and Matt decide to just rag on artists they dislike. Not even kidding. It’s 30 minutes of snark on Ed McGuiness, Scott McDaniel, Michael Turner, and more. We’re seriously not looking for hate mail, but well, we were in a sour mood. Enjoy!

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The Unshaven Rant-Cast, May 23rd, 2011 PART TuTu MaGoo:

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One Response to “The Unshaven Rant-Cast: Episode 14.2!”

  1. Ed says:

    I really feel you both were particularly hard on Ed McGuiness. It’s all in the title “Comic” book. If that can’t be cartoony, then I don’t know what can be.

    McDaniel’s art on Countdown Arena looked like a 5-year old drew it. For what could have been an amazing premise, DC really dropped the ball with that, kind of like Marvel’s Daredevil Reborn…