Comic Reviews 6-01-2011

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Reviews 6-01-11

Warning Spoilers Below

-The Boys #55

The Barbary Coast arc comes to an end with The Boys #55 written by Garth Ennis and art by John McCrea. Hughie and Mallory finish their long talk, this time focusing on Billy Butcher and what they both know about him. After learning about his employer and who in the CIA is supporting them Hughie sets off and confesses his story and who he is working for the Annie. In the end he even tells her he still loves her but fears a deadly confrontation is approaching.

Garth Ennis wraps up an arc that might contain more overall information than any 3 other arcs with this issue. While this does make the entire web of the series deeper and more tightly knitted, it is a lot to work through in places.

McCrea’s art holds well through the end of this story but his faces still don’t seem as detailed or as expressive as Darick Robertson.

Grade C+

-Secret Six #34

The members of the Secret Six go about regrouping after escaping from hell in Secret Six #34 written by Gail Simone with art by J. Calafiore. In this issue the six quickly go about rescuing Scandals girlfriend from the maniac torturing her with tabasco sauce in her eyes. After dispatching him the six take a look at each other and while not going to the extent of calling themselves a family, the are something. All this and Bane takes a stripper to a carnival and wins her some stuffed pandas.

Simone’s writing continues to take such amazing moments for humor. Bane protecting the stripper at the carnival and being annoyed for not receiving information on the proper way to eat a caramel apple. This balances the violence that inherently comes with the series and even a touching moment with Scandal and Ragdoll on the roof at the end.

Calafiore’s art does a great job working with Simone’s writing providing an amazing straight edge. The seriousness for characters like Bane and most everyone else with some of the absurd things going onĀ  makes for a good reading experience.

Grade B

-Wonder Woman #611

Wonder Woman finds herself literally a door away from the one responsible for everything that has warped her reality in Wonder Woman #611 written by Phil Hester with art by Don Kramer. The last of the other Amazon’s fall to the evil goddesses who have been manipulating things and Diana stand with one last obstacle between her and the truth, and maybe even a way to reform reality.

Since taking over Hester has taken a wild ride of the new universe and how Diana has acted in it. With things finishing up in a few months we all know the final payoff is coming soon and the build up is being well handled.

Kramer’s art actually give off a grace and strength on this issue. The fighting going on with the Amazons and the Goddesses there is some great action to enjoy.

Grade B+

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