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Reviews 6-08-11

Warning Spoilers Below

-Ultimate Spider-Man #159

We come one step closer to the end of Peter Parker’s super hero career in Ultimate Spiderman #159 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Mark Bagley. In this issue we see Peter fight while running on empty, more than that he hasn’t recovered his mask and the entire neighborhood sees the fight exposing Peter’s secret. After receiving a call that Peter is being killed in front of their house Aunt May drives back to help along with Gwen Stacey. After being cornered by Electro, Sandman and Kraven shots suddenly ring out as Electro is shot through the back three times by no other than aunt may, the other villains are taken down in the resulting aftershock leaving Peter totally spent standing beneath a awake and angry Green Goblin.

Bendis seems to make this issue more about Peter’s life that Peter himself. In this issue we see him in a situation worse than anything he’s ever seen, we see him facing his whole neighbor hood without his mask clearly revealing his identity as people catch him on their iPhones. Even his taunt against Electro “You were my greatest adversary and it was an honor to battle you. Oh wait. That wasn’t you. I barely ever gave you a second’s thought” all aspects of this issue seem to be about the bigness of Peter’s life.

Bagley’s action sequences are still as fast paced and simple as ever. His advantage has been to give a balance of detail and open space so we aren’t getting too in any picture and we aren’t left with images that look rough or unfinished.

Grade -A

-The New Avengers #13

Both past and present story lines comes to an end in New Avengers #13 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Mike Deodato and Howard Chaykin. In this issue we find out the answers to where Victoria Hand’s allegiance is, what was Superia planning, and what does the past and present Avenger’s mission have in common. As it turns out Superia was able to steal a combination of the Super Soldier Serum (Powering up Steve Rogers) and the Infinity Serum (keeps Nick Fury young and angry). It turns out this has been held since WWII when Fury and the first Avengers stole it from the Red Skull. After recovering it now they decide to just inject Mocking Bird with it since she was shot in the initial conflict. On the last page Superia is lock away in a secret prison where a scrap of paper with an emblem like the Green Goblin is slipped under her door.

Bendis accomplishes two jobs here that I didn’t expect. The first is finding a way to tie together two stories that seemed to have nothing to do with each other, and fairly successfully. The second was to go the less predictable route with Victoria Hand. I full expected her to betray Superia (which she did) but the move of putting her in a prison was unexpected and may be playing to something larger for later on.

As has been the case this entire time Deodato’s art has been gritty and set a nice mood for the current era story. Chaykin’s art has seemed rough and less polished. The past story has a different feel, as it should but the look seems out of place here especially compared to Deodato’s work.

Grade B

-Batman and Robin #24

The Red hood continues to take the spotlight in Batman and Robin #24 written by Judd Winick with art by Greg Tocchini. In this issue we see Jason Todd fight his way through his anthromorphic rescuers known as ‘The Menagerie’ and team up with Batman and Robin when they inform him their mysterious employer is hold Todd’s old sidekick ‘Scarlet’ from his Grant Morrison story arch.

Winick builds the story well while introducing some good elements for Todd. We get a brief glimpse of Todd’s tenure as Robin getting a lesson from Batman which sets the tone for the issue. Next we get a lot of references to Morrison’s run on the issue with Todd continuing to have red hair, the return of Scarlet his former side kick and his wearing a combination of the outfits Winick and Morrison have both used hammering down that they both happened in continuity. Finally we get more play up in the fact that he was able to secure a cache of weapons and tech in the heart of gotham without anyone noticing.

Tocchini’s art looks rushed and possibly unfinished. With the rate books are moving to get finished before the end of August this wasn’t unexpected. The biggest issue seems to be the colors and rouge pencil lines. Give more time this might have had a much stronger feel to it.

Grade C+

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