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Reviews 6-15-11

Warning Spoilers Below

-Invincible Iron Man #505

After being beaten unconscious last issue things pick back up in Invincible Iron Man #505 written by Matt Fraction with art by Salvador Larroca. Tony Stark awakes on a small mountain of the victims of the Gray Gargoyle’s attack. The issue is a good combination of fighting and awkwardness as Tony fights in Paris his staff is joined by the new head of security, the red haired Bethany Cabe. You can virtually see the tension between Pepper and Bethany. In the end Tony takes a chunk of the Gargoyles head off before making an escape. With his battery cracked he runs off to join the Avengers with the ‘gift’ given to him by the Hammers.

Fraction takes more time away from the action here which seems to be his stronger point. The action pages move so quickly you almost miss them, but the subtle moments in the rest of the story the more enjoyable half.

Larroca’s art is expressive as ever in this issue. The tense moments with the red heads and Pepper quietly sobbing when left alone are the highlights of what he brings for this issue.

Grade B-

-New Avengers #14

The reality style approach continues as Earth’s Mightiest heroes talk into the camera in Avengers #14 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by John Romita Jr. In this issue we have the heroes talking about trust centered around the Red Hulk instead of the budding romance of Hawkeye and Spider Woman. What begins as a type of mild to weary mistrust changes to admiration as we cut between Avengers talking about the events of Fear Itself and panels of the Red Hulk facing down the Thing after being possessed by one of the Chosen. It doesn’t go well for the Red Hulk and by the end he seems to give up his life in a fight that destroys Avenger’s Tower to the powered up Thing.

Bendis may have pulled a clever move after al with his inclusion of the Red Hulk. This being comics it’s difficult to say when you can be sure that someone is killed but if he knew he’d need to have a member of the Avengers go head to head against a hammer wielding Thing it makes sense to add someone to the team up just for that purpose. It depend how much of this was planned in advance but it seems to explain why such an odd and controversial character was added in the first place.

Romita’s art work seems softer on the lines than in previous issues. While his action panels have never been lacking, characters faces has sometimes looked carved out of wood. Working with Bendis means a lot of talking heads, but he seems to be adapting to it more over time.

Grade B

-Invincible #80

After the events of last issue everyone continues to struggle for balance in Invincible #80 written by Robert Kirkman with art by Ryan Ottley. This issue seems to continue to allow Mark Grayson find what his life will be like in wake of the Virilimite War. Looking back it almost feels like more than one issue considering the following:

-Marks parents leave Earth to explore the galaxy and decide if they want to get back together.
-Eve moves in with Mark in his parents house.
-Mark catches a gravity defying bank robber who immediately surrenders and learns a lesson in love.
-Mark chats with his local comic store owner with several references to things happing in the industry.
-Mark visits with William and finally finds out William is gay.

All that and issue ends with Mark unable to stop an old foe of his from turning Las Vegas into a sheet of glass with one explosion.

Kirkman’s writing of the series seems to be taking unusual turns. In the sense of odd events like bad guys just surrendering and villains succeeding it seems like either the writing or Mark’s capabilities as a hero has seriously shifted. A few more issues will tell for sure.

Grade B

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