Comic Reviews for 6-22-11

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Reviews 6-22-11

Warning Spoilers Below

– Ultimate Spider Man #160

Everything comes to a head in the polybagged Ultimate Spider Man #160 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Mark Bagley. As hyped and reported the media and declared by the story’s title we see the death of Peter Parker in a final battle with Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin. While able to get his loved ones to safety, Peter has been too badly hurt and unable to find aid in time. In the end Peter gets a heroes death surrounded by his loved ones that he protected from harm. He’s not afraid when it happens nor is it over the top with some kind of overly insightful summarization of things. He simply drifts away as if too tired from over exerting himself.

The fight scene leading up to his death has everything from Peter hitting Norman with a mailbox, to the Human Torch trying to roast him to Mary Jane suddenly hitting Osborn with a stolen truck. The light humors that breaks up a couple of the pages makes the pace seem more even and not rushed.

In the end the final panel we’re left with isn’t Peter Parker by Norman Osborn himself. We see his body reverted back to normal trapped in the burning wreckage of the truck Peter hit him with. And he’s smiling. The last image we are given after the death of a hero is the smiling corpse of his nemesis that took Peter down with him.

Grade A-

-Secret Avengers #14

The spotlight turns on Valkyrie in Secret Avengers #14 written by Nick Spencer with art by Scott Eaton. This issue follows Valkyrie as she is place with a unit of S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers to help clear civilians from the high danger areas going on in Fear Itself. Like the last issue this one focuses on a specific character from our usual roster, but it is far more effective this month. We see glimpses of Valkyrie’s life and possible love contracted with a couple of romantically involved S.H.I.E.L.D. troopers along with how she got her name. It’s very reminiscent of an Alan Moore comic with the Phantom Stranger comparing the war in heaven to a dispute with a street gang.

Snyder’s storytelling in this issue seems more relevant than his focus on Beast. This issue is able to focus on another front of what is happening in Fear itself and also give us a glimpse into an already rarely seem characters life and make us care about her.

Grade B

-Action Comics #902

The Doomsday’s ship comes to Earth in Action Comics #902 written by Paul Cornell with art by Kenneth Rocafort. This issue truly returns us traditional Superman story telling in every sense. In this issue we witness a lot of punching and Superman telling everyone to run to safety while he attempts something he is told is impossible only to accomplish it always. Mean while Lois lane stands in direct danger with absolute certainty that Superman will stop the out of control space ship from crashing into Metropolis. Thankfully she was correct.

Cornell does a nice job of telling a Superman action story, but for him it seems like he’s coasting. With the reboot on the horizon it seems like he’s pushing the story here less than he has with his previous work.

Grade C-

-Gates of Gotham #2

The look into the history of Gotham city continue with Gates of Gotham #2 written by Scott Snyder with art by Kyle Higgins. The menace behind the destruction of the three Gotham bridges continue his attack with bombings of the Iceberg Lounge and Wayne Tower leaving a tied up Tommy Eliot along with the bomb. We see this intertwined with the story of the two builders who built the bridges were also behind the construction of Wayne tower. The reveal on the last page hints that this two brother architects may be somehow involved since they were known as ‘the Gates of Gotham’.

Spencer continues to weave a fascinating story that gives us a fresh perspective on the city Batman has protected for so many years. That coupled with the nice character moments, like Tim Drake and Cassandra (know known as Black Bat) talking about how annoying Damian is while on a stakeout make this an excellent read.

Grade B+

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