Comic Reviews for 6-29-11

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Reviews for 6-29-11

Warning Spoilers Below.

-Batman Inc #7

We take a step out of Gotham into another crime riddled part of America in Batman Inc #7 written by Grant Morrison with art by Chris Burnham. This issue focuses on the Native American Man-of-Bats life along with his son Raven. Their fight is best described when Batman approaches Raven after his father is arrested when he says “It doesn’t have to take millions does it? The idea works. Batman on a budget.” It’s eventually seen that the shadowy Leviathan is setting sights on anyone under a Batman banned for destruction beginning with Man-of Bats as they take over the law enforcement, hospitals and schools nearby. Here we finally see a little more of Leviathans plan and what they are capable of as an organization.

Morrison does an excellent job capturing voices for the characters but also the environment. The state of where Man-of Bats operates is in definite economic turmoil and more in need of money and help for its residents than a new batmobile and jets. In addition this also makes a great new piece to the puzzle of Batman Inc.

Burnham’s art fits the tone of this story. The violence and blood goes to the border of almost too much without crossing it. That said there is plenty of blood in this issue considering no one is killed. The tone of pages even felt different with seens like the different people’s homes and lives when visited on the first page, vs the tension when the new hospital management gave Man-of Bats a stern warning about his hero identity.

Grade B+

-Wonder Woman #612

Diana receives even more information from the gods themselves in Wonder Woman #612 written by Phil Hester with art by Don Kramer. The robed figures that spoke to Diana in the beginning of reality bending odyssey reveal themselves to be the Greek Gods driven into hiding by Nemesis, a Goddess who draws her power from the unjustly slain, so on Earth she’s amassed a lot of power. With the other war goddess defeated Nemesis is all that stands between Diana and restoring the world. When Diana finally does find her way to the lions den she Finds Nemesis dressed in the classic Wonder Woman outfit hold a sword in one hand and the other end of the lasso in her other.

Hester gives us what seems to be the last few details before the story reaches its climax. We know know who did this and how. All we are missing is the why which is likely to come in the final confrontation. This issue does feel like it could have been shorter but its understandable that it had to last until August for DC’s re-release plans.

Kramer’s art still has the clean lines and simple effectiveness that we’ve seen this whole series. I originally thought the gods looked too simple and not glorious enough, but considering they’ve been on earth hiding in sewers it actually seems to fit the mood for them.

Grade B

-Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #6

The restored Scarlet Witch tried to make amends for what she has done in Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #6 written by Allan Heinberg with art by Jim Cheung. In this issue the Scarlet Witch uses her powers to recreate the threats and terrors she summoned during Avengers Disassembled, but this time to kill her instead of the Avengers. She’s finally stopped when Wiccan confronts her that he and Speed may be her sons. After checking him with her powers and a long pause…………… we finally learn they two are her children brought back. Most importantly of this issue week is Wanda’s attempt to make amends. While waiting for the real Avengers to arrive the assembled heroes call 4 former mutants to see if she can restore them. In the end Rictor has his powers returned to him just in time for the X-Men to show up.

Heinberg has done a wonderful job in two ways here. The first is his continued way of acknowledging all the stories that revolve around the character like Avenger’s Disassembled and everything Quicksilver went through after House of M. He’s paid a lot of attention and made things work with a lot of continuity to account for. The second if by having things happen that could send shock waves through the entire marvel universe. Imagine if every mutant was repowered with what is happening in the X-Men right now.

Cheung’s art is always breath taking. From the cover to an great double page spread of the X-Men arriving at the end almost every image seems like it could be a poster.

Grade A-

-FF #5

It seems the War of the five cities has begun in FF #5 written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Barry Kitson. In this issue one of the Council of Reeds set an attack on New Atlantis with the help of the Mole men. With dispatching Sue Storm who doesn’t know what’s happening the city is easy prey. After returning home Reed confesses everything that has happened to her as they prepare for the next meeting. As the rest of the Reeds prepare their final attack the Inhumans led by by the returned Black Bolt seem to be falling out of the sky towards them.

This point in Hickman’s story it’s almost like watching someone tip the first domino after setting them in place for months. The council of Reeds, the five cities, Doom’s return all are coming together here in what looks like it will continue to be a wonderful story.

Kitson’s art has completely turned away from my only issue of panel repetition. The lines and characters look a soft, but even in an action packed story it still feels right as the overall them for FF (even without Johnny Storm) is family.

Grade B+

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