Summit City Comic Con Report

Written on Mon, Jun 20, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle


This past Saturday was the first step of Unshaven Comic’s Midwest Convention tour. Our stop in Fort Wayne was both memorable and exhilarating. We met old fans, made some new ones, worked out the kinks of our new mobile podcast device and saw a brush fire happening less than 100 yards from a fireworks store.

After getting up before 5 in the morning and fueling up on coffee we piled in the car and for 3 hours drove through Indiana to Summit City. While doing so we tested and perfected our mobile iPhone powered recording device for our podcast. While on our way we saw such sites as a large store front with simply the word ‘GUNS’ scrolled above the door and an controlled fire just a stones throw from a fireworks store. Sadly there were now amusing changes there on the trip back.

As for the convention itself the staff and operators were great. With plenty of time to setup we were offered a free table cloth (sadly after we had already hooked our banner on) and a gopher for our row (thank you Bianca) who brought us water, chips and soda. Needless to say, we will happily return next year.

As the show went on we got to meet a lot of great fans and other creators. Seated next to us was the talented Kurt Dinse of ‘One Year in Indiana’ and just down the row was Eric Adams of ‘Lackluster World’. Over the course of the day we surpassed our expectations for how many books we sold. Everyone we spoke with was amazing and we hope to see them all as new fans on our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/unshavencomics

Our next stop will be Wizard World Chicago at August 11-14

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