Yes, we continuity freaks had a panic attack

Written on Fri, Jun 3, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

If you’ve been online this week you know what’s going on at DC. A renumbering is coming in September. Everything starts at #1 again with 52 new issues. The new status quo will have a lot of new characters with new costumes and even revised history to make then m younger and more relatable to young readers. At first glance this caused my body to lock up followed by some controlled breathing exercises.

The one word that DC never said but everyone heard was one of the dirty words in comics. The ‘R’ word: Reboot. This is what scared the crap out of me for I am a continuity nerd. I love reading stories over long periods of time and watching things unfold. Long term writers like Brian Michael Bendis and Grant Morrison on Batman have made wonderful experiences for readers like me. You also have writers like Geoff Johns who take great concepts that happened earlier and fit them in with modern stories, with the prospect of those stories no longer having happened, can that still happen?

Luckily with more information the fears have ebbed. With nearly a third of the coming titles revealed a lot of the unknown landscape has come into view. The first round of titles included the JLI which will include a member of China’s Great Ten super team, the August General in Iron. Today we saw information on the 4 Green Lantern titles which will include Kyle Rayner in Green Lantern: The New Guardians. The inclusion of these newer generation characters means we aren’t going back to square one. The character that people born after 1980 grew up with will still be there to.

While there is still word going around about big changes like Clark Kent and Lois Lane no longer being married it looks like the world will still closely resemble what has already happened. With Superman and other characters being de-aged that means there are stories that we are unlikely to see again. Clark and Lois being separated means it is less likely we will see a return of Christopher Kent from the negative zone, which is a shame since his presence brought out a more maternal side of Lois.

If other main characters are likely to be de-aged we may lose other characters like Damian Wayne to make Bruce Wayne look more like a mid-twenties freshly minted Batman.

Ultimately the best way to counter fear of the fans is with information. While DC has been slow to release information what they have revealed has been good.

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