Reviews for 7-13-2011

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Reviews for 7-13-11

Spoilers Below

-Avengers VS New Ultimates #6

The mini series reaches it punch filled conclusion in Avengers vs New Ultimate #6 written by Mark MillarĀ  with art by Leinil Yu. With the final battle underway we see Nick Fury and his Avengers all hulked out with the Ultimates fighting an army of Korean super powered fighters working under Gregory Stark’s orders. After 10 pages of smashing Tony finally gets the upper hand against his brother and weakens him enough for Thor to fry him with a thunderbolt, much to Tony’s shock and anger. In the end this all turned out to be part of Gregory Starks master plan as the real target was a political uprising in the middle east where the original Tristilion is located. By the end we see Nick Fury given command of S.H.I.E.L.D. again over Carol Danvers, not because of the terrible uprisings and traitorous actions of teams but because of Spider-Man being killed on her watch. It gives a little more reason why the cover has ‘Death of Spider-Man on it, but not much.

If you’re a Millar fan you will enjoy this book. It has all the things he’s most notable for. We get a lot of death and collateral damage. We see multiple people playing the “Ah ha, I’ve out Smarted you” “Oh but I’ve really out smarted you” game. It’s very much what can be expected from a lot of his stories.

Yu’s art holds up as well as it has for the rest of the series. He succeeds at making everyone in a group of hulks look distinguishable but his lines and shadow work still looks confusing in spots.

Grade C

-Ultimate Fallout #1

We see the immediate reactions of those closest to Peter Parker immediately after his death in Ultimate Fallout #1 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Mark Bagely. Similarly to the issue after the death of Johnny Storm in Fanstic Four, more than half of this issue deals with the direct reaction of those closest to Peter. Gwen Stacy blames herself, while Mary Jane begins pursuing Nick Fury convinced of his responsibility for Peters death. Other’s seek to release their anger like the Human Torch shooting flames over the city or Kitty Pride unleashing her anger on some would-be thieves. The most touching moment comes as Tony Stark escorts May and Gwen to the funeral that has a turnout of most of the city. The scene of the three walking towards the doors among a sea of down cast faces. I won’t ruin what stops them before entering here, but its an amazing pull on the heart strings and reminds us of what impact Peter Parker’s life really has made.

Bendis and Bagely do an excellent job paying tribute to character to a character they’ve both put so much into over the years. The biggest fault the issue has is the suddenness of the ending and the short amount of time given to the larger plot.

Grade B+

-FF #6

We take a break from the main story to review exactly how and why Blackbolt isn’t dead in FF #6 written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Greg Tocchini. In this issue we learn more about the existence of the Five Queens and how/ why the Kree came to spend so much time making alien hybrids. In truth this chapter is just to make sure you understand more about where the Inhumans came from and why Blackbolt wasn’t dead.

Hickman follows a great story structure here, and my issue isn’t with that. As a writer he often takes chapters to go and explains things before re-engaging the story. My issue here is that I’ve followed none of the more cosmic stories at Marvel such as ‘War of Kings’ so it becomes more difficult to follow or even care about what he is showing us. If we didn’t know Blackbolt was dead, it becomes hard to be amazed at his return.

Grade C-

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