Reviews for 7-27-11

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Reviews 7-27-11

Warning: Spoilers Below

-Ultimate Fallout #3

More seeds for the future are planted for the future in Ultimate Fallout #3 written by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer with art by Steve Kurth, Eric Nguyen and Carlos Pagulayan. This issue is divided between stories about Tony Stark, Kitty Pride and Karrin Grant.

The first story written by Hickman is about Tony Stark potentially being brought in to a secret group his recently deceased brother was involved with where the ultra first-generation rich and powerful seek to guide humanity as they see fit. This is likely to continue in the pages of the Avengers and positions Tony to take a villainous or at least more shade of gray position.

The second story written by Nick Spencer follows Kitty Pride as she eaves Peter Parker’s funeral. She is obviously upset and disgusted over the general populaces turn of hating and fearing Peter when he was alive only to worship him as a martyr after his death Encountering Bobby Drake and Johnny Torch outside the funeral they discuss going somewhere else and starting new lives with now powers and no heroics. This will certainly feed into the new Ultimate X-Men series.

The final story by Hickman again follows Karen page in a session with Bruce Banner. What seems like a therapy session quickly turns out to be a test on whether Karrin can control the Hulk and force it to obey Nick Fury’s orders. This is certain to come up again in the Ultimates series.

The collection of stories feels a little disjointed the way it skips around especially with the changing art. It’s a good look at characters who should have a reaction to Peter Parker’s death but other than leading into the new series within the Ultimate universe there doesn’t seem to be anything tying them together yet.

Grade B-

-Secret Warriors #28

The story of the Nick Fury comes to a close for now with Secret Warriors #28 written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Alessandro Vitti. This issue is more of an epilogue since the main story of Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D.. Nick Fury has eliminated or neutralized his enemies and seems primed to take center stage in the word peace keeping business once again. The best possible thing about this issue is that he doesn’t. While Fury has been a central character this entire time he hasn’t changed. Beyond Fury there is another person who has also been central to this story and truly changed by it. Daisy Johnson. This series has seen her learn to lead a team and take command. Most importantly it’s taught her to take and deal with hard pain and loss and the difficulty her chosen life can give her. It’s an amazing switch that in the end Fury hands Daisy Johnson command of all of the howling commandos.

It’s always impressive when a story setup an ending you’ve seen before and expect only to switch it around on you. It happened in Secret Invasion when Norman Osborn saved the day and took over S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hickman did here with Daisy being put in charge of Fury’s operation.

Vitti finishes the series with a slightly cleaner look than the last few issues. The issue seems brighter with fewer shadows. It’s a clever ending for the series on writing and artistic levels.

Grade B+

-Wonder Woman #613

Diana faces down the Goddess of the vengeful dead; Nemesis in Wonder Woman #613 written by Phil Hester with art by Don Kramer and Travis Moore. A final showdown between Diana and the sliver of herself spared by Clotho (fate weaver) against an evil Goddess that’s absorbed most of her being and looking to take the rest surround but husked anger of the recently dead is as good as the series has ever been and its been pretty good. In the end Diana uses the strand of herself Clotho gave her to reunite herself and her’ less pants-ed version, only without Nemesis involved.

The series is obviously drawing to a close. Hester sets a good penultimate chapter here but it could have been handed faster and feels unnecessarily drawn out on some pages. The last issue still to come it is hard to say what Diana’s fate will be before she is changed again.

Grade B

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