Ultimate Suspects

Written on Sat, Jul 9, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

With the passing of Peter Parker in the Ultimate Universe the fans all find themselves asking ‘Who will be the new Spider Man?’ Everyone will have to wait until the conclusion of Ultimate Fallout to find out for certain but there are only so many possibilities, so lets take a look at who might fill Peter Parker’s boots.

First lets clear the air that this is all a trick. Everyone possible has insisted Peter Parker is not coming back. As this isn’t the normal Marvel Universe these type of changes are more likely to stick. Even though Ultimate characters like Norman Osborn, Henry McCoy, Magneto and Gwen Stacy have all been ‘dead’ and come back later there is still insistence the Peter will definitely stay that way.

Some suspects can be taken off the board immediately. For example in the Ultimate Clone Saga we were introduced to Spider Woman, a genetic clone of Peter grown without a Y chromosome. She seems like a perfect choice for a replacement, but it was revealed in an interview with writer Nick Spencer she will be appearing in the line up for the coming Ultimates series, so it seems unlikely she will get double duty.

Similarly we could have seen supporting characters Johnny Storm or Kitty Pride taking the role after Peter’s death. Johnny’s flight could easily look like swinging from webs is he shot one now and then. The full body suit would also be a way of containing his flames so no one would suspect him. Kitty recently discovered she could not only go intangible but also make herself super dense and has been fighting criminals in a red hooded outfit. It would be possibly for her to make herself lighter to got swinging and then ‘harder’ when fighting. Sadly Spencer has also revealed they will both be main characters in the coming Ultimate X-Men series.

There seems to be too few other characters that have been regulars in the series till now that would be capable of stepping in. Kenny ‘Kong’ McFarlane was last seen in hiding with his then girlfriend Kitty Pride before she returned to Peter’s life. He was a fan of Spider Man as a hero and early on suspected Peter was Spider Man but always lacked evidence. His current location is unknown.

Flash Thompson was once kidnapped by Silver Sable under suspicion of being Spider Man, but the idea of him taking Peter’s place now that the world knows who Spider Man was seems unlikely at best.

With someone new entering the spot light a key story arc to re-read may be the Ultimate Clone Saga. There are two key characters to look at who may be possible candidates. Starting with issue 97 we are introduced to a total of 5 clones of Peter Parker. The first is the Ultimate Scorpion. He’s subdued after attacking a mall and taken to Reed Richards by Peter Parker for examination after seeing his face. Richards confirms that its a 94.2% match for Peter’s DNA. The last time we see this clone its one of two survivors along with Spider Woman who has gone missing. When we do see him for the last time he is in a medical lab controlled by S.H.I.E.L.D. where Nick Fury tells the doctors ‘Get to work’. At the time he had a tail grafted to it his spine, but its possible that Nick Fury has a Spider Man clone of his very own that he can let out whenever he decides.


The final suspect last seen in the Clone Saga is a reference to the original Spider Man series, Ben Reilly. First seen in the Ultimate Carnage story he was the lab assistant to Curt Conners at his university lab. After their experiment (made from Peter Parker’s blood) went a killing spree and was captured Conners turned himself in to the police for his involvement. Reilly returned to the lab to retrieve the rest of Parker’s blood sample and disappeared. The next time we see him is in the Clone Saga in a memory of Spider Woman’s. She remembered Reilly telling her she was a clone of Peter and soon she would have new memories and an identity put on place. Before this can be done the Carnage/ Gwen Stacy breaks free of its containment and destroys the lab. We never see what happens to Reilly after that.

So there we have a list of suspects. One of these people may by the next wall crawler of New York or it may be someone even more surprising. Who do you see as the next hero of the Ultimate Marvel Universe?

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