Where Can the X-Men Go After First Class?

Written on Wed, Jul 6, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

With the popularity of ‘X-Men First Class’ even weeks after opening it seems almost certain that there will be more to come, the question is what should the next step be? With the first of the new franchise going on in 1962 where should a sequel pick up? With the rich history and cast of characters there is a real chance to explore different periods without showing each step in between.

This can create a chance to highlight whole eras of the X-Men’s past and bring new aspects of the various struggles to light beyond the one between Xavier and Magneto. This also gives the writers the opportunity to change up the teams roster without the need for explanation.

1970’s:  A villain that has been absent from each movie so far is the Sentinels. With their debut in 1965 it would fit nicely to have a massive surge of them to defend against in the 70’s. With an era still fearful of government control and the Vietnam War going on the idea of giant fighting robots absolutely seems like something. Additional, it absolutely seems like something Nixon would have supported.

1980’s: With all the attention that gets paid to the Cyclops/ Jean Grey/ Wolverine love triangle there was another that came about thanks to Chris Claremont. This is a good time to Feature Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen. She’s a former member of the Hellfire club and it’d be nice to get the perspective of Scott being fickle for once instead of Jean, especially with someone who is almost exactly like Jean to make it more weird.

1990’s: It’s hard to deny that the X-Men belonged to Rob Liefeld and to reflect that the 90’s are the perfect time to introduce Cable as a hero. This gives us the chance to see a vision of the far future where things have gone horribly wrong (as a nod to Days of Future Past or even Age of Apocalypse) and a villain who can span the present (1990’s) and future like Apocalypse. With Cable introduced as a hero we can also introduce his villainous clone Stryfe as a lieutenant for Apocalypse in the future while we can place some more defined by the 90’s like Mr. Sinister as his second in command of the past.

2000’s: The most eventful and diverse era the X-Men have had the biggest defining moment of the 2000’s is the destruction of Genosha. This would be a perfect time to touch on a reconciliation between Xavier and Magneto within the mutant community. With all the other threats that have been faced this would be the perfect time to solely focus on the hatred of normal people, even within groups like the friends of humanity.

Can you think of better villains for each era of the X-Men’s history? Who would you pit them against?

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