Anti-Matter August

Anti-Matter August: Dr. Doom

Written on Wed, Aug 24, 2011 by Matt posted by matt

Here we go again with Wednesdays post for Anti-Matter August: Dr. Doom!

People sometimes forget that Dr. Doom is an accomplished sorcerer as well as a scientist.  He’s so proficient in magic that he once challenged Dr. Strange himself and nearly won.  So it was easy to imagine a back story for the good doctor.

Victor Von Doom was searching the far mountains for the Ancient One to teach him mystic arts; knowledge he was to use in rescuing his mothers soul.  Victor Von Doom stumbles across his temple and is soon accepted as the Ancient Ones student.  After thwarting Mordo’s plot to kill the Sorcerer Supreme, Victor Von Doom is entrusted with the Eye of Agamotto and is soon appointed the new Sorcerer Supreme. With his knowledge of science and mystics, DR. DOOM defends the mortal realm!

Man….. I would totally read that book.  No joke, Dr. Doom as sorcerer supreme with science would be really trippy.

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3 Responses to “Anti-Matter August: Dr. Doom”

  1. kyle g. says:

    If this had been in color would the cloak be green or red?

  2. Aaron W. says:

    This would be pretty cool to read. Nice work!

  3. matt says:

    @Kyle: most likely Dr. Strange colors. So red.