Comic Reviews 8-17-11

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Reviews 8-17-11

Warning: Spoilers Below

-Ultimate Fallout #6

We focus almost completely on Ultimate Spiderman’s supporting cast and their movements in Ultimate Fallout #6 written by Brian Michael Bendis, Nick Spencer and Jonathan Hickman with art by Mark Bagely, Eric Nguyen and Mitch Breitweiser. The first story we are presented is about May Parker and Gwen Stacy and the circus of media surrounding their lives since Peter’s death. Unable to even leave the house they both seem to be trying to cope with what’s happened, May by sleeping in Peter’s room and Gwen by coloring her hair to change how she looks. The main conflict is around an offer made by Tony Stark to move them anywhere in the world. Being much like Peter, May is reluctant to accept and only does so with prompting and some phone snatching from Gwen. When the new Spiderman takes center stage we will see the two of them living in France.

The second story picks back up the trail of Kitty Pride, Bobby Drake and Johnny Storm. Traveling through the New York sewers Kitty is leading them to a ‘surprise’ hideout leaving the two boys in suspense. We finally see it’s the former Morlock Tunnels still mostly furnished and possibly stocked. This will provide a nice hidden home for the premier of the coming Ultimate X-Men series coming.

Final story focuses on Nick Fury visiting Mary Jane Watson’s home. She’s written but not yet published the story “How the World Killed Spider-Man”. Fury bares a little bit of his soul when he tells her he knew Peter’s parents. He’d been looking for a way to help/ take care of Peter and after the spider bite he thought he’d found a way. He shows genuine. In light of this Mary Jane offers to keep her story to herself. A lot is done to show how hard things have become for Fury since getting control of the Ultimates back. Coupled with the guilt he’s carrying.

The setup for the Ultimate universe has certainly changed since Peter Parkers death. We’ve seen the actions of heroes and villains and the stage is set for 4 new series.

Grade B-

-Invincible Iron Man #507

Treachery and drinking are afoot in Invincible Iron Man #507 written by Matt Fraction with art by Salvador Larroca. In this issue Tony Stark continues to drink and stumble around/ work with the foulest mouth dwarves the Marvel Universe has ever seen. While producing weapons to turn the tide and preparing to enchant his own armor to save the day. Meanwhile Pepper Potts and Sasha Hammer are confronted by the Chosen Grey Gargoyle in another fight that doesn’t look good for either of the two women in battle armor. And while Tony works a dwarf he had a small skirmish with trades his blood and hair to an agent of the Serpent that turns it into a golem that sets out to kill Tony.

Fraction’s story has taken a twist starting in the main Fear Itself story with Tony giving up his sobriety. The idea that he’s fallen off the wagon now at the worst possible time can easily snowball into worse situation during and after this event and it’s tie in. With Tony avoiding this side of himself for so long it can become very interesting to see what will happen with the demon back out of the bottle.

Grade B+

-DareDevil #2

We start things off with an aerial combat battle between DareDevil and Captain America in DareDevil #2 written by Mark Waid with art by Paolo Rivera. Steve Rogers tracks down and corners Matt Murdock for his actions during Shadowland. It’s ultimately DareDevil’s words that end the fight when he tells Steve he was possessed by a demon and actually brings Steve around to believe it. Not so hard to understand in the Marvel Universe. The bigger part of the conversation are the implied changes in how Steve is reacting to any mistakes or problems caused by other heroes while he is in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D. Turns out DareDevil knows something about shouldering too much responsibility and guilt.

After tabling the matter Murdock tracks down a lead into why no lawyer will defend Mr Jobrani in his suit against the police for brutality. Turns out it has nothing to do with the police intimidating lawyers and more to do with Mr Jobrani’s boarded up business. The former electronics business has been taken over by sound based constructs that bare a strong resemblance to Klaw. These constructs are able to overpower Murdock’s senses and seem to be encasing him in a suit similar to their creator.

Waid has made some great choice on villains with the Spot in the first issue and now a sound/ sonic based villain. These are characters DareDevil hasn’t contended with before and it adds a new dimension. Combined with Rivera’s way of showing how these things ‘look’ to DareDevil’s senses and you have a great experience.

Grade A-

-Avengers #16

Steve Rogers and his Avenging Angels go on a hunt for the Red Skulls daughter in Avengers #16 written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by John Romita Jr. This issue is continuing the interview tapes/ reality TV style that’s running in Avenger’s titles by Bendis while Fear Itself goes on. We get the most commentary from Maria Hill as she talks about S.H.I.E.L.D. receiving intel on Sin’s location in a castle in Sweden. Rather than pull anyone from the field to help and raise suspicion Rogers goes himself along with Sharon Carter, Maria Hill and Victoria Hand (all female agents assigned to the three Avengers teams). After arriving and seeing the castle was just a trap with super Nazi’s waiting for them the 4 are forced to fight their way out.

While doing so the castle is brought down around them by an earth quake caused by Agent Daisy Johnson last seen in Secret Warriors being given a lot of troops and resources by Nick Fury himself. It looks like an opportunity is being taken to take everything Jonathan Hickman setup in that series and bring it into current/ main events. The last page is Steve Rogers reflecting on what happened to Bucky and how he wanted to find Sin after it’d happened. The last panels show him talking to the camera but falling silent and ultimately getting up to leave with his head hanging in obvious guilt.

Bendis gives us a very entertaining side story and takes the opportunity to give some camera time to a group of female characters that are often outshone by the heroes they surround themselves with. I often complained at the start of this run on Avengers that Romitas faces were too ridged for female characters but it’s come around nicely since then.

Grade B

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