Comic Reviews for 8-10-11

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Reviews 8-10-11

Warning: Spoilers Below

-Ultimate Fallout #5

Only two stories are present this week in Ultimate Fallout #5 written by Nick Spencer and Jonathan Hickman with art by Luke Ross and Billy Tan. The simpler of the two stories this week Focuses on Nick Fury. The reader gets a better look at the current world affairs as Fury gets a briefing from Hawkeye on developing situations and has a budget meeting with a representative from the President about their next years budget. Over these meetings we learn that Captain Britain has been replaced and the Britain Super Soldier program has been restarted in response to the influx of the Asgardian population on Earth. Uruguay and Argentina are on the brink of war and there is a metahuman/ biological weapon being produced in S.E.A.R.

After learning all of this the representative tells Fury S.H.I.E.L.D.’s budget is being slashed by 30% after they began increasing programs for a similar sized increase. The last images we see is Fury alone looking defeated and saying ‘We’re stretched too thin.”

The more revealing story by Nick Spencer involves Quicksilver meeting with a powerful company’s CEO, Philip Hanstead, to discuss a possible business opportunity. It boils down to Quicksiver offering to gather up and sell the remaining mutant population to Hanstead as slaves for his company. After a break we see that Hanstead obviously agreed while Quicksilver takes his secretary to bed. While there we get one of the creepiest moments of the Ultimate Universe as the secretary transforms into the Scarlet Witch. Quicksilver seems accustomed to this and they reference her giving him orders before and being so proud of him. He reports that “Five are fallen” which pleases her. That bit along with Scarlet Witch telling him to travel to Egypt just before she transforms back to the confused secretary seems to point to Apocalypse manipulating Quicksilver’s weak mind.

Grade B


-Batman and Robin #26

We are introduced to some of France’s crazy villains in Batman and Robin #26 written by David Hine with art by Greg Tocchini. In this issue Batman and Robin team up with Nightrunner, the French addition to Batman Inc. We don’t get an exact explanation why they were called in, especially since it’s Dick Grayson and not Bruce Wayne in an over sea’s adventure. A new villain called the Son of Man lets loose 4 villains from ‘Le Jardin Noir’ (The Black Garden)  loose near the Louvre and panic and disaster ensue. After working their way through these villains the heroes work their way to The Son of Man himself, who turns out to be a traumatized and disfigured self-proclaimed artist. In the end it seems all the crime being done is a form of art being recorded and played in an endless loop for Son of Man’s father whose brain and body is in a specially preserved display where it can only helpless watch it’s son grow up and commit crimes forever.

The story and associated images don’t seem very original at first. The idea of a gang of dangerous criminals being set loose by a new villain as part of a larger scheme is nothing new, however the ending pages twist everything to a disturbing but excellently written level. The final images and discovery of Son of Man’s plan left me starring at the last page for several minutes thinking “This is what a real psychotic would do.”

Grade A-

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