Wizard World Chicago Convention Roundup

Written on Fri, Aug 19, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

Wizard World Chicago 2011 has come and gone for Unshaven Comics. By the skin of our teeth (do teeth have skin?) have made it through. For those of you who missed the show, you missed out on an amazing time, and a new milestone for us Unshaven lads… Shame on you. For those who were there, we hope you had as good a time as we did. You get kudos.

The highlight of the show for us came down simply to sales. We sold over 300 books (302 in case you’re counting…) which is an all time high. We also had all 5 of the real life Samurnauts and a pair of Onisaurs roaming the convention floor, helping us get the word out about Disposable Razors #3. We couldn’t have had the success we did without their help. Especially our Blue and Yellow Samurnauts, who braved the con floor for 4 days! In heels!

In addition to our daily grind of shaking hands, kissing babies, and selling our wares… Unshaven Comics hosted a very special dinner Thursday night after the convention. Pizza and salad were consumed. Stories were shared. More pizza was consumed. More stories. It went on like this for a while. And damnit? It was awesome.

While at this show, we were visited by old friends, new fans, and even a few babies… getting their early induction into life as a geek. Welcome, little ones… To awesometasticnessatude. Again, we simply can’t thank everyone who purchased our books. We hope you like them. And then we hope you catch up with us and buy another. And another. For your friends!

We’d like to end with a notable quote of this convention… said to us by one Lauren Fitch Patrick (who so nicely granted us permission to quote her), who after hearing the pitch on The Samurnaut’s said “That’s so awesome, I think I might cry.”

We’re glad you think so, Lauren. Fear not, more is on the way.


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  1. Cherise says:

    Worth.Every.Minute. 😀