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Written on Thu, Sep 29, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

Reminder: The Unshaven grading system puts each book into one of 3 categories. ‘Buy It’, ‘Borrow It’ and ‘Pass It’.

Spoilers ahead.

-Ultimate Spider Man #02
The second issue in the relaunch continues with the story of Miles Morales getting his powers. We get a lot of this issue about where Miles and his family comes from and a glimpse of where he’s going.
With his new found powers manifesting Miles does the first thing I think most of us would have done when we were 12 or so. He ran and told a friend while freaking out. The dialogue here feels fast but still gets some good laughs when you realize what’s just said. Miles’ friend was a good addition and hopefully will provide some comic relief in the future. After al every kid needs a chubby friend for comic relief.
The heart of the issue comes from a relatable moment between Miles and his father. The two have a heart to heart after dad finally catches up to him after revealing his powers. We get a good look at the struggles their family has endured to get where they are. It’s clear how much the man cares for and wants to protect his son. The moment is cemented when the Human Torch and Iceman go by and Miles looks to his father to see his reaction. It’s about as bad as you’d figure when his dad says “I just wish they would all leave this city alone.”
The last scene is Miles realizing his powers came from the spider bite and his experimentation and reaction. It’s a total contrast with what happened to Peter Parker in two senses. While Peter celebrated what had happened in secret Miles’ best friend helped him piece it together over instant message. Unlike Peter we don’t see Miles joy at what’s happened. The last thing we see is Miles standing on his ceiling whispering ‘Oh no.’
Grade: Buy It
-Secret Avengers #17
The second issue of Warren Ellis’ run on Secret Avengers seems to include a lot of the same elements as the first issue. We have a small team of very different characters in Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter, War Machine and Valkyrie. We have a high tech crime going on that no one else is able or wanting to address. We even have super science gone wrong for our heroes to tackle. Somehow it just doesn’t add up as well as it did in the last issue.The dialogue and threat level just don’t seem as high as it did before.
The action scenes are good but it’s more  vehicles exploding and being shot at/ shooting at each other in this issue. While we do see Steve Rogers getting blasted around by magnetic beams from a truck it just doesn’t feel as if the danger is as high or the future is at stake. Last issue we had time/space travel that would decimate Ohio and this time we have a technologically hidden truck abducting villagers and taking them to an abandoned factory where they are killed.
The dialogue similarly doesn’t seem as captivating this time around. We do see some obvious awkwardness having War Machine (high tech battle suit wearing achievement of man) and Valkyrie (Asgardian warrior) next to each other. Especially with the comment of Valkyrie looking at War Machine like a caveman. The actual talking on panels just doesn’t feel as good this time.
The series still has plenty of potential and still ties into the over arching story of struggling against the shadow Counsil.
 Grade: Borrow It
-The Ultimates #02
With all the action from last issue the second one focuses on on disaster in particular. We get the full history of what’s gone on inside the dome created by Reed Richards and his followers. In the span of minutes they went through unknown generations developing technology and evolving. When they have reached a ready status (5 minutes later for those outside) they say one phrase the summarizes everything the know and believe “This world in now ours.”
We do catch up with Tony (barely alive) after being revived by his new Jarvis and on his way to help Thor. While we wait for him Thor and the European heroes are battling the Reed’s minions as they attack Asgard. Thor realizes the battle is quickly lost as the other heroes depart and moves to hide his son (unaware he existed). Asgard is finally robbed of its power as the gods fall to their deaths. Only Thor survives being rescued by Iron Man at the last second. Meanwhile this advanced soldiers continue wrecking havoc.
The action sequences are fast paced but great to look at. The way we see the soldiers getting advice and updates from Reed Richards (now being called Maker). I’m fond of this issue because it does follow one of my favorite themes of technology vs magic, or in this case Asgardian gods.
Grade: Buy It.

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