Comic Reviews for 9-21-11

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Reviews for 9-7-11

Reminder: The Unshaven grading system puts each book into one of 3 categories. ‘Buy It’, ‘Borrow It’ and ‘Pass It’.

Spoilers ahead.

-Wonder Woman #1

When hearing that Brian Azzarello was taking over writing for Wonder Woman the first clear feeling was confusion. I’ve mostly known him for crime noir stories and gritty gangsters. Wonder Woman and the Greek pantheon didn’t seem to fit in there very well. Reading through the first issue I am forced to eat my own words. The story here certainly feels like the beginning of a Greek myth translated into a modern world stage with characters that can be intriguing, repulsive and exciting.

The story begins in Singapor atop the tallest building on Earth. A man who resembles Sunspot brings three attractive women to the top and instead of what you might expect he turns them into the three fates so they might reveal the future and how his plans will unfold. The best part of this is the three women still talk in modern phrases and even say things are stupid or weird. From there we catch up with a poor horse being graphically dismembered and reborn as a centaur. The scene is a little bloody but looking at some of the more notable greek myths, not too far out. The Centaurs charge the home of a blond woman who is being warned to leave by a bird man in a messenger outfit. He gives her a key that takes her to Diana’s home in London. After a brief misunderstanding there Diana suits up and the two return to the blond woman’s home. Diana fends off the two centaurs now protecting the girl and even assisting the bird man (Mercury). This is all related to our mystry man in Snapor who it’s revealed is the son of Zeus, as if the unborn child the blond woman is carrying.

One issue in we get a strong story bringing a modern feel to Greek myths with a lot of danger, strength and hints of political (as far as God’s go) intrigue. I’m completely on board for this series now.

Grade Buy It.

-Cat Woman #1

A lot has already been said about this issue over the internet and I’m sad to admit that it seems to be true. I should really start by admitting my bias going into this series. I’m a fan of Judd Winick. I have been since Barry Ween started. I’m also a Cat Woman fan. I got sucked in with the One Year Later update when David Lopez was writing and stuck with it till the end. So you understand that I went in expecting and wanting to really enjoy this series. Sadly it’s a bit like eating  a Jello mold. It’s all jiggle and little substance.

The cover started just a little bit of suspicion for the fans of the book focusing on sexuality and the very first panel of the very first page proves we will be seeing a lot of Cat Woman’s womanly parts. Other than focusing on Cat Woman out of the costume we do get a lot of things going on. We begin with a group of unidentified men in skull masks charging Selina’s home them blowing it up after their inability to catch/ kill her. Following that a fence/exotic dancer/friend of Selina’s helps hook her up with a new place and where she might be able to find some work (stuff to steal). While investigating a  party for tips from drunk Russian mobsters Selina recognizes a man she follows into the men’s room. Seems this guy used to beat on her when she was younger and possibly still a prostitute and she even witnessed him murder another woman. After dazzling him with her unrecognized boobs she proceeds to savagely beat on the guy till she is forced to make an escape from the party.

Now a lot of fans and reviewers have been reeling over the last scene of the book. The book ends with Selina at her new place and Batman shows up to see what she’s gotten into the caused her apartment to explode. Instead of talking Cat Woman throws herself on Batman. He’s unable to resist and the two start pulling costumes off (except for masks). I don’t have a major problem with this because it’s really not anything new. Before the reboot Batman had hooked up with Cat Woman (see Hush) and Talia (see Son of the Demon) at least once. Not the mention any other female villains (Jezebel Jet) he might have hooked up with.

My issue isn’t that. It’s that all of these events don’t really form a story. These are seemingly unrelated events in a hectic day or two in Cat Woman’s life. We might get some follow up in all of this but for the moment this is more of a character piece for a person with sex/ compulsion addiction then a hero, villain of anything in between. I’ll be sticking out the first story arc but this issue did little to excite me.

Grade: Borrow It… maybe

-Ultimate Comics X-Men #1

Ultimate Comics X-Men picks up right where Ultimate Fallout left off. We have the secret that mutants were made in a secret lab exposed to the world. It’s something the Ultimate Universe has always promised us, a totally different view. The normal X-men have fought to preserve themselves and survive no matter what because they were the future. Now they are a mistake.

The new status quo will be something to follow with incredible interest. As it stands the American government has legalized the murder of mutants who don’t turn themselves in. Those in custody are kept in detention centers or imprisoned and the two leaders that seem to be organizing either side are Jean Gray and Kitty Pride. We can’t even be sure what is being organized by each one. All we do know is that Quick Silver seems to be promising mutant slave labor to corporations while also making deals with the government. Quick Silver himself if either taking orders from his thought to be dead sister the Scarlet Witch, or more like he’s being manipulated by Apocalypse. Time will tell.

In the meantime we are truly seeing a new and original spin in the lives of mutant kind. I’ll be following this with great interest.

Grade: Buy It

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