Comics Reviews for 9-14-11

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Reviews for 9-14-11


The books here are grouped into 1 of 3 categories: ‘Buy It’, ‘Borrow It’ or ‘Pass It’

Spoilers Ahead

Batman and Robin #1

While the status quo has been changed I don’t know that it’s enough to warrant the renumbering with Batman and Robin. We see that Damian is now acting as Batman’s sidekick, but we don’t have a clear indication why. There is even mention that Damian worked better with Dick Grayson and found it easier to idolize his father when he was missing. The number of references to earlier stories and established continuity make this a poor introductory issue.


For the readers who were already fans of the series and reading it though, it’s a fun read. We have a quick setup story that while it doesn’t fully explain the status quo, it does layout what the current relationships are. Bruce is ever crime fighter he’s been for years patiently trying to shape his son who seems to feel he’s already perfectly qualified by birthright and the train he’s already had. The bickering between the two makes for a great ready. This issue is a quick one and done story to begin with but the art and writing work great together building the mood.


The most exciting change for Batman and Robin actually happens inside the issue instead of before it. Bruce Wayne is going to bulldoze and renovate the neighborhood where his parents died and stop visiting it on the date of their murder. He’s going to turn the area into a place filled with life and celebrate their wedding anniversary instead. This is a step away from the brooding Batman, but fits with what’s been going on with Grant Morrison’s grand plan to change batman. Beyond that we also see Damian and Bruce foil an attempted robbery at the local college. During this we see Robin disobey his father over and over resulting in allowing to normal thieves to escape with their transport followed by Damian accidentally killing them when he disables it. Needless to say this doesn’t impress Batman.


If your already a fan of Batman from the last few years you will definitely want to keep buying Batman and Robin.

Grade: Buy It


DareDevil #3

In this issue we see a lot of life changes going on with Dare Devil. After being captured by sound made clones of Klaw in the last issue he’s able to force an escape/ pursuit out of the abandoned building with the clones right behind him. Facing sound based villains puts him at a disadvantage that eventually leads to a blind (in every sense) DareDevil in the middle of a busy street fighting off attackers he can’t see. The visual displays make the fight exciting and different than much of what we’ve seen before.


The visual more than make up for the small amount of story but what there is of story is amazing. The action takes up the majority of the beginning but the story in the second half lends something that’s been missing from DareDevil stories for a very long time. Hope and optimism. Waid’s writing has Matt Murdock’s life on the first real positive upswing it’s been on for a long time. Starting in Bendis’ run years ago we’ve seen Matt Murdock fall and fail so many times that he eventually declared himself Kingpin, wen’t to prison, became leader of the Hand and finally allowed a demon to take control of him. With his return we’ve seen that his life hasn’t been handed right back to him but he is determined to make something good of himself and those around him.

Grade: Borrow It


 Batwoman #1

For those of us that followed Batwoman since her appearance in 52 it’s been a long time since we were first promised this series. With multiple pushes on the release date until it finally became part of the relaunch it’s been nearly a year since we were first promised to see this and the art makes it totally worth the wait. The layouts and page setups make this issue easy to follow, and while we have a little back story to cover, there is an amazing 2 page spread that gives up images to go along with Batwoman yelling at her father that will catch readers up with what they need to know.


As an introductory issue there is a little that feels confusing but there is so much going on that it’s hard to be over concerned with what’s already happened. Here we have Batwoman instructing her cousin (former Teen Titan Flamebird) in how tio train for and deal with street level crime as they search for 13 missing children taken by an urban legend. We have director Bones of the DEO put out an order to one of his agents to discover Batwoman’s identity and motivation. Finally we have Batwoman approached by Batman telling her he wants to discuss an opportunity. This is a first issue with a lot to over visually and story wise.

Grade: Buy It


 Ultimate Spider-Man #1

It’s possible Marvel has a deal with the poly bag company because it seems like we’ve gotten at least one book a month for the last 6 months or so in one. Drawing parallels with the original series this issue begins a few months ago with Norman Osborn experimenting with Spiders that were given his OZ formula. This time he’s talking to a scientist that he wants to help recreate the experiment that made Peter Parker Spiderman. Fast forward to the present we see someone breaking into and looting the ruins of this lab where a spider marked with a number sneaks into the thief’s bag.


After half a books worth of setup pages we finally meet Miles Morales as he’s accepted to a charter school with 39 other children in a lottery system containing 700 applicants (it does happen, go see Waiting For Superman). After that he visits his less than legitimate uncle with the bag from the lab looting. See where this is going? The spider bites Miles which results in the expected freak out/ emergence of powers.


The story has a lot of parallels with the Peter Parker story as it should. Luckily it has its own twists to. We aren’t just following another Peter Parker with a different skin color but someone with their own life, problems and issues. The idea of following someone different and new through the Spiderman experience certainly feels exciting.


It even seems that Miles has a few different powers of his own when he seems to turn invisible. Don’t some spiders have a natural camo to blend in to their surroundings?

 Grade: Borrow It


 Demon Knight #1

This might have been the most fun of the books I purchased this week. If you’re a fan of Sword and Sorcery adventure stories than this is a great start to a series for you. We begin with the fall of Camelot. There we see the creation of two heroes. Merlin binds the captive demon Etrigan to one of the castle’s occupants named Jason Blood. Meanwhile we see a younger Madame Xanadu just out of the boat taking Arthur to safety. The two appear to form a love triangle (Xanadu and both of Blood’s aspects) until we catch up with them some time later entering a town and its tavern. There we meet the rest of the stories cast with characters familiar and new (Shining Knight, Vandal Savage, etc.).


The story very much reminds me of a Dungeons and Dragons game. We have a ground of very different immortals and heroes meeting in a tavern that an evil, magical king and Queen are about to lay siege to. Tell me that doesn’t sound like the first game of a D&D campaign. It’s additionally fun for long time DC readers that the evil king is Mordru. There’s a lot to enjoy about this first issue and if Paul Cornell hold to his promise of changing up characters for every story this may become a whole new door into the fantasy fans for DC.

 Grade: Buy It

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