Convention Round-Up: Detroit Fanfare

Written on Tue, Sep 27, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

Unshaven Comics has ridden the Mighty Moon Worm and returned from fabled Detroit. After traveling further than ever before for a convention we are ready to declare Detroit Fanfare a success. We had two days of traveling to a new city. We sold all copies of Disposable Razors 1, 2 and 3 to new and exciting people. Best of all we still saw plenty of familiar faces of both friends and fans.

Of the convention itself there were both ups and downs. The spacing was a little on the high side with aisles you could drive a small truck through and it was slow going to talk to someone more than a few feet away. On the other hand the staff was very lenient with allowing us to move our table and expand when the table next to us became available. OF the operators, we must say they were very generous with the treatment of the exhibitors (a free box of water bottles and treats) and those running the show came by to make sure we were happy and explain any issues we might have had. You could take a tip here Wizard World.

For the attendees this time, we saw all sorts. We had people from new parts of the country who’d never heard of Unshaven Comics decide they were willing to give us a try and people who’d been to our Chicago shows pick up issues they were missing. We even had a few surprises. A special print of the White Stripe’s as Cloak and Dagger (as seen in Symphony September art) was available free with certain purchases from our table. A special surprise for us was the number of people who came up to our table fully aware who we were and ready to fill in some gaps in their collections.

Best of all was the friends we had for our trip. Our very own Blue and Yellow Samurnauts Eric and Cherise traveled all the way to Detroit with us to be there for the convention. Just like Chicago Comic Con they wandered the floor spreading the word and directing people to our table. We remain very greatful and thankful.

No sales records were broken at this convention but sales were had and they were good. We continue our march to 1000 books sold for 2011 currently sitting in the 600’s. Next stop is Kokomo Con in Kokomo Indiana in 2 weekends. We hope to see you there.

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  1. Cherise says:

    and we’ll be there for Kokomo too!