Kyle’s Comic Reviews for 8-31-11

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Going to try something different for a while folks. Instead of giving you facts about a week’s books I was reminded this is a blog and not a news site. That in mind I’ll be going less fact heavy and more opinion heavy on my books here for a while. I will also be adapting Unshaven Matt’s grading system. Instead of the A-F we will be classifying things as ‘Buy It’, ‘Borrow It’ or ‘Pass It’ which I’m sure everyone will get the gist of.

Spoilers ahead


Justice League #1

I liked this issue. I wasn’t amazed and my opinion can turn if the following issues take a down turn, but as a first issue in an updated Universe I thought this was a decent beginning. Setting the tone of this universe we first See Batman and Green Lantern, who coincidentally are also the two heroes having the fewest changes to their histories and titles. We follow their first meeting and eventually the introduction of Superman and some glimpses of the future Cyborg. A lot of time is spent with just Green Lantern and Batman and they don’t immediately jell, but for anyone who’s read Green Lantern: Rebirth, John’s has never written these two as friends. Batman is a bit of a jerk, but really he looks like he’s just prodding Jordan to see what he can do without giving too much of himself away. Jordan is cocky, but he’s always been that way and he just recently received what he believes is one of the most powerful tools in the universe so that’s not unexpected.


The story looks like it’s going to be a slow build, and with a story they are hoping this will be I understand that. A lot will be determined in the coming issues for this series. With any luck we will get focus on other heroes with each issue while we work towards the confrontation of the first threat that could bring these heroes together. Darkseid.

Borrow It


-Secret Avengers #16

If you were a fan of Planetary then you are going to enjoy Warren Ellis on Secret Avengers. The issue is a one and done story with the team condensed to a few of the original roster’s members to suit Ellis’s story telling style. We have Steve Rogers (leader guy), Beast (science guy), Moon Knight (mentally unbalanced, expert fighter guy) and Black Widow (killer girl that loves being a spy). The issue cover’s everything you would want from a good science fighting story from Ellis without a lot of time redefining what this team is and what they are doing. We have guns that fire super bullets, nuclear powered cadillacs and secret underground cities built under Ohio.


The mentioned underground city is wonderful to look at. Jamie McKelvie does an excellent job showing a splash page of a city that looks like a 1990’s prediction of the world of tomorrow. That and he handles the level of violence without going over the top. We get imaged of a helmet’s visor shattering from being hit with a grappling gun with a small blood splatter. He does this and more without going over the top into grotesque territory.


This is already looking like a strong team book that is being written smartly with just a hint of absurdity. Also it looks like it’s going to build on the path of one shot stories that eventually tie together into a final arc at the end. For those who feel a whole in your collection where Secret Six used to be, I recommend giving this a look. It’s not the same book, but it’s charm is undeniable.

Buy It


Invincible #82

Over the last couple of issues Invincible hasn’t seemed as exciting as it used to. With the Virilimite War over its seemed like Invincible was spending too much time getting reacquainted with life on Earth. Since he spent a good deal of the War in a coma I wouldn’t think he’d feel like he was gone that long. That being said I’m re-evaluating the last few issues after reading this weeks. I’d forgotten the thing that made me like Robert Kirman’s writing so much. He plants seeds that develop into stories for years. In these last few issues we’ve seen so much get planted for later and this issue puts in the biggest and lays out the rest.


We see the return of Robot (now calling himself Rex) and Monster girl after being gone for 12 years in another dimension, Cecil Steadman spells out that he wants to unite every single superhuman ‘resource’ under his authority, Invincible sets another ultra powered villain free after reasoning her into no longer being a threat. There is a lot to look back on in this issue. If the Virilimite War was a harvesting of everything Kirkman planted going back to the beginning of the series then now if the time that the series really feels like it’s beginning the cycle over again.


Ottley continues to astound me with how he can make everyone of the characters look so different and amazing. The first image shows a melancholy looking Robot after he returns to Earth and the one thing I couldn’t take my eyes away from was the fact that he had a neck beard. That and the facial expressions on

Universa’s face clearly range from all out anger, to unsure surprise to a very mysterious smile. And it’s all great to look at.

Borrow It (if you already enjoy Invincible- Buy It)

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  1. matt says:

    I like this, stick with this format. It’s nice to here more of your opinion on things.

  2. schwing says:

    Great reviews. It would be great to see what the unshaven look to a new Superman suit would be. Who knows maybe that could be a contest by your loyal followers. Send you the art of what you think a rethought image of Superman should be. I like the new opinionated style of the reviews.