Kyle’s Comic Reviews for 9-07-11

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Reviews for 9-7-11

Reminder: The Unshaven grading system puts each book into one of 3 categories. ‘Buy It’, ‘Borrow It’ and ‘Pass It’.

Spoilers ahead.

-Action Comics #1

It’s finally here. After giving us his end in All Star Superman Grant Morrison begins Superman’s origin and it’s a running start. In this issue we see Superman as more of a fighter for the common man. He’s evading the cops and forcing people to face justice the normally wouldn’t. It’s a take that’s been missing in the comic for years and a better take than what J. M. Strazinsky tried with his grounded arc. We see a Superman that does stop trains from crashing but also breaks the legs of a man who habitually beats his wife. Part of the appeal is what real people would do with super powers. Most good natured people wouldn’t fight space invaders, they’d clean up their neighborhoods.

The best appearance is when we see Lex Luthor on page. He’s sipping an energy drink and look perpetually bored when he’s aiming a bullet train at Superman like a gun and succeeds in taking him down in a matter of minutes. And it might be me but Lex looked just a little chubby here, but that might mean the struggles with Superman will eventually get him in shape.

Grade: Buy It.

-The Punisher #3

Rucka’s take on the Punisher is very unlike what I’ve seen is the past. Rather than being a grizzled veteran or a borderline psycho he is more like a force of nature or boogieman. We see him stalk criminals in the dark and step out of the shadows to unleash lethal justice. The whole arc has done a great job of showing us the Punisher through the eyes of the criminals he hunts along with the police who don’t seen to know what to make of him.

The strangest part of this issue is the clear looks at a new Vulture. This guy wears red and instead of being an old man he seems to be part animal/ monster. Very little is shown about him other than he can be paid to kill and his capabilities of speech are hisses and grunts. But in the air he’s no match for the Punisher with a knife. The midair battle is a great visual.

If you like crime stories this is a great issue and as the Punisher has always been off the traditional ‘hero’ path Greg Rucka is a good fit.

Grade: Borrow It

-The New Avengers Annual #1

There is a lot here that Brian Michael Bendis has laid down in the past but still doesn’t make sense. Mainly the fact that Simon Williams is angry that the Avengers are in operation. The story that’s been built up before that is finally coming to fruition is that Simon Williams (Wonder Man) doesn’t like that the Avengers reformed after the Siege event. He’s told heroes to not be Avengers and even tried to fight a few because he is certain its a bad idea. They have since ignored him so he built a team of rag-tag D-list heroes to take them down and make his point. What doesn’t make sense is why Simon is angry.

It almost seems like Simon is standing is for every blogger and online columnist that complains about the quality of books. Besides the fact that he was an Avenger ever single other reason (Ultron, Scarlet Witch) aren’t anything new. Not to mention the fact that he also sites the Civil War, which he participated in.

The story is a nice little romp that will continue when the D-Squad (yes they won the fight) go after the normal avengers team in another Annual.

Grade: Pass It.

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  1. Ed says:

    I thought Action was ok again for a first issue too. Luthor having it timed to exactly take out Superman by 8PM (20:00) per the military’s request was an EXCELLENT take on this classic villain.