Symphony September

Symphony September: Daredevil!

Written on Tue, Sep 27, 2011 by Matt posted by matt

Hey hey folks! Welcome back to Symphony September with today’s offering: Daredevil!

Now while having a blind ninja blowing a trumpet while going into battle seems like a big oxymoron, I would like to think that he plays a little jazz or free style.

Of course the good old fashion “CHARGE” music would work too.

This quick little doodle marks two experiments for me.  One is to see if I could pencil and ink this guy in under thirty minutes. The other was to try out this nifty new brush pen I just picked up.  I wanted to do a whole piece in brush pen, so this seemed like the best…..”experiment”.  Let me know what you folks think, if I should continue with this style or keep with the brush and technical pen combo.

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One Response to “Symphony September: Daredevil!”

  1. I know I don’t count, but I like the look. It’s Hester-esque in it’s simplicity.