Comic Reviews for 10-05-11

Written on Thu, Oct 6, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

Reminder: The Unshaven grading system puts each book into one of 3 categories. ‘Buy It’, ‘Borrow It’ and ‘Pass It’.

Spoilers ahead.


Action Comics #2

While I’m trying to enjoy the story Grant Morrison is giving us (and it is good) I keep getting distracted by the fact that this is the 3rd Superman origin retelling I’ve had in the last 2 years or so. Between ‘Superman: Secret Origin’ and ‘Superman: Earth One’ and now Action Comics it really feels like DC has decided to retell the same story as often as possible. Watch for an Elseworlds story giving us another interpretation soon.

Beyond that one complaint we get a lot of seeds laid in this issue. We see where both Steel and Metallo will eventually spring from along with hints towards Superman’s ship and something orbiting the earth manipulating Lex Luthor. All in all a lot of references that will interest long time readers and lay some ground work for new ones so I guess the issue does its job. As for the characterizations, they all seem positive. Superman is still on the verge of mocking human’s who get in his way or think they can stop him and Lois Lane is set on proving Superman is one of the good guys.

This issue wasn’t quite as fun as the first, but still a good and maybe even important read.

Grade: Buy It.


Superior #5

After a long period between issues Superior is finally back. This issue seems the most true of what would happen when you give a child who can’t even walk the powers of Superman. He saves the world, plays baseball for the Mets and basketball against the Miami Heat. This furthers the story but it also shows us the fantasy that come with a child that reads comic books and wishes he had these powers himself.

The ending of the issue takes the turn that’s been hinted at since the beginning. It’s always  sad when an innocent seeming space monkey that grants you super powers is really a devil bent on getting you to trade your soul to have those powers back. The story is taking a path that might be easy to see coming with the main character bully waiting to become the arch nemesis foe/ monster. It will likely lead to our hero choosing the power in order to save everyone from the rampaging monster. We’ve seen that before, but the way it’s being done has been excellent for the 5 issues in we have, so it’s worth seeing again.

 Grade Buy It


Invincible #83

3 Big powerful super heroes in one week and Invincible is by far the least action packed. Not just that, but we skip completely over what is hinted at being a 4 hour wave of destruction only to see the villain give up when he realizes what’s happening. As much as it used to be known as a series with plenty of action and violence Invincible has primarily been about talking and not wanting to save the day in its recent months.

This issue features Marc finding out that Cecil Steadman has turned the corpses of the Invincibles of other universes into reanimated mindless soldiers, and his reaction is to saw ‘meh’. Followed that we have some awkward moments of heroes looking at each other across a room and not telling us why they feel sad followed by Mark being uncomf0ratible having sex with his slightly thinner than last time girlfriend in his parents bed.

Yeah. I’m sticking to this mostly in hopes that Robert Kirkman will pull the rug out from the happy uncomplicated life soon.

Grade: Borrow It

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