Comic Reviews for 10-12-11

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Reviews for 10-12-11

Reminder: The Unshaven grading system puts each book into one of 3 categories. ‘Buy It’, ‘Borrow It’ and ‘Pass It’.

Spoilers ahead

-Batgirl #2

Gail Simone is one of the few writers in the New DC Universe that is still burdened by past continuity. While it remains flexible it must still be acknowledged that Barbara Gordon was crippled and confined to a wheel chair for a few years. That being said, she is doing a great job in handling the strange semi-continuity that may or may not exist.

In this issue Barbara continues fighting and tracking the murder known as the Mirror. In revealing his identity it seems Babs is facing a dark image of what could have happened. Both have faced trauma and been damaged as a result. In the villains case he was rescued from a burning car which took the lives of his wife and child. Instead of struggling through his adversity and using his wealth to better others like Barbara has, he has gone the route of punishing and killing those who survive similar traumatic events. In the sense he’s a little reminiscent of the killer from the Saw movies, except that he’s more direct and doesn’t rely on death traps.

All in all the book is still very enjoyable. We are getting characterization from the people we see (Barbara’s room mate and he physical therapist that looks a lot like Dick Grayson) which is one of Simone’s biggest strengths.

Grade: Buy It

-Utimate X-Men #2

The series is going in a good direction but this is the second time in two issues that we have someone introduced, we form an emotional connection to the character then immediately watch them die. This can be an effective mood building device but if it happens every issue its going to stop working.

The rest of the story is still establishing some of the prime players. We have a new villain in Reverend Stryker and his divine visions. We have Rouge who is also getting instructions from the Lord joining Kitty and he make shift team in the Morlock tunnels. We also see Wolverines son captured by Stryker’s men. A lot of setup is still being done but it shows promise for what is coming soon.

Grade: Borrow It

-Suicide Squad #2

I want to enjoy this series so much. I see good signs here. Deadshot in a leadership role where he still gets to execute his subordinates. Waller is thin but still a near inhuman bitch (she did send the team to murder a stadium full of people and cut an infant out of its mothers stomach). We even have real moments to show just how violent the series can be with who pages of people being killed by fire and electricity powers.

Then there are the moments that make me cringe. We are two issues in and we already have an obligatory tentacle monster. We have Harley Quinn bouncing between being nearly incomprehensible while also being reminded she was a psychologist once and quite intelligent.

Te series still has a lot of promise and it’s important to remember that the universe has been restarted in changed. Even with that in mind part of me what’s commentary from Adam Glass to be playing while this is going on. Things just don’t seem to fit as well as he seems to think in his interviews.

Grade: Borrow It for now. Bordering Pass It

-Ultimate Spider Man #3

Finally in the third issue of the new series Brian Michael Bendis pulls a reveal that shows how Miles Morales will come to see Peter Park just like Peter saw uncle Ben. There is a undetermined amount of time with Miles attending school and suppressing his powers for fear of discovery while focusing on school. He does experiment with them in public and it’s surprising that no one freaks out or accuses him of being a mutant and harasses him.

The end of the issue spells out what’s been only subtly alluded to so far in the series. Peter Parker hasn’t been killed yet. The issue end with news that Spider Man has just been shot which means we are still working our way to his death. With the knowledge that his last breaths will be caught on camera phone and likely broadcast online followed by his very public funeral it’s easy to see what Miles will be seeing. It’s much harder to guess what he will be feeling.

The establishment of ‘normal’ is definitely the focus of this issue. Miles is focused on getting himself a ‘normal’ life. He has friends at his charter school. He works hard on his education. He just wants to go to a good college and get married someday. It’s clear we are going to see all of these plans fall apart.

Grade: Buy It

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