Comic Reviews for 10-19-11

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Reviews for 10-19-11

Reminder: The Unshaven grading system puts each book into one of 3 categories. ‘Buy It’, ‘Borrow It’ and ‘Pass It’.

Spoilers ahead

-Justice League #2

There’s a fantastic article online about someone who was able to condense the first issue of Justice League into 14 or 15 pages and keep that same story. I truly wish DC had done that and combined that with this issue for a double sized #1 to start things off.

In this issue we get the introduction of the Flash, the fight between Batman and Green Lantern against Superman, and even more of the lead up to Victor Stone becoming Cyborg. It’s nothing new to see super heroes fighting the first time they meet before working towards a common goal, but it’s done well here. The heroes are familiar but it’s been a very long time since anyones seen them so mistrusting of each other.

The best part of the issue isn’t the fighting (although it is much better drawn this issue) but the interactions between the characters. Flash and Green Lantern have an established relationship and have worked together before. The other heroes have all heard of Superman but they all thought Batman wasn’t real. Geoff John has another story about different people, whether it’s Batman’s nearly smug understanding of everyone, or Victor Stones disappointment at his father never coming to his games. We have very different people’s lives intersecting when they are forced to work together which will always draw people in.

Grade Buy It

– Wonder Woman #2

The second issue gives us more of a look into Wonder Woman’s birth and history. This is the first of three issues that had info that I wish DC had included in the first issue. We see the island of the Amazons, Diana’s mother who is now a blonde and more of the Gods on Mount Olympus. The most interesting part is the balance of power that’s playing out. In this issue we see Hera (who is obviously upset that her husband Zeus has knocked up another mortal) talking to her daughter Strife.

For too long the Wonder Woman positioned Aries as the only one of the God’s that Diana would have trouble with. It’s refreshing to see more of them causing trouble and working towards their own complex agendas.

The changes to Wonder Woman’s origin are slight, and unless you’ve been avoiding comic book new you know it’s now been established that Zeus is also her father. It still fits well with the existing origin tale we get flashes of here. All in all Brian Azarello has found a way to combine Greek Myth with action and a touch of soap opera for a great read that I’m looking forward to.

Grade: Buy It

-Catwoman #2

The another issue that had a lot of information that would have been nice in the first issue. My biggest complaint of the first issue wasn’t all the T and A shoved at us (although there is significantly less in this one) but the random events that seemed to have nothing to do with each other. We had the guys blowing up Cat Woman’s apartment for no reason, information about a Russian painting and a man from Cat Woman’s past that she beat senseless followed up with sleeping with Batman.

This issue makes an effort to start bringing these things more in together. It wasn’t clear last issue that the man Selina beat was with the Russians, which comes back in to play here as Cat Woman plays multiple gangs against each other. This issue plays more like the plot of Ocean’s Eleven and less like something off late night Cinemax. We also get another visit from the guys in Skull masks from last issue and seem to be on our way to what they want by issue 3. For that long at least, Judd Winnick has my attention.

Grade: Borrow It

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  1. schwing says:

    I was also happy with the heroes interaction in JL 2. When they set up Batman researching Superman at the end of JL 1, I thought they were going to have him whip out some Kryptonite and defeat him. It is good to see Superman one up the heroes on their first encounter. Him touching Flash was a classic moment. I also think the characters have been well written.