Comic Reviews for 10-26-11

Written on Thu, Oct 27, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

Reminder: The Unshaven grading system puts each book into one of 3 categories. ‘Buy It’, ‘Borrow It’ and ‘Pass It’.

Spoilers ahead


-Secret Avengers #18

With the end of the last issue it feels more like Warren Ellis is back on track here. We have another issue full of amazing sounding super science and dazzling art that would make MC Escher dizzy. We have a rogue Armon Zola unit working for the Shadow Council stationed in another universe mining the matter there so they can turn it into a doomsday weapon.

Standing against them we just have Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter and Shang Chi sneaking in their face. The layouts of this twisted reality weren’t even the best visuals, it was Shang Chi kicking ass in a zero gravity type of environment. That combined with the flash backs of Beast explaining what this dimension is and what makes it stable is a step back in the right direction for plausible sounding science I love. Ellis has made this my favorite Avengers title for the last few months.

Grade Buy It


-The Ultimates #3

I’m a little conflicted about this issue. In the last issue Jonathan Hickman the destruction of Ultimate Asgard and the death of the Gods except for Thor’s son who was hidden within the World Tree and Thor himself who was saved by Iron Man at the last second. This issue picks up with Thor being re armored by Tony Stark just before another assault on Reed Richards’ city before it expands and over takes the entire world. The issue has a lot of action and some great art depicting several helicarriers going down but still doesn’t grab me.

After seeing what happened to Asgard last issue this one didn’t seem to add much to the story for the 20 pages we got. Once again it seems like nothing can stop this threat. Once again Thor isn’t going to be any help after going to de-powered to repowered and then teleporting himself into the heart of the threat to get revenge for his people. Unless this issue was to set Thor up to do some major damage at the start of next issue this doesn’t seem to add much at all.

Grade Borrow It


– DareDevil #5

Mark Waid’s run on Dare Devil summed itself up this week with the thoughts and words of one of its characters who some can argue has always been the heart of Dare Devil. Foggy Nelson. He summed up what I, and I assume so many fans are thinking about the new series. With everything that’s happened and everything that he’s been through, why is Matt Murdock so damn optimistic all of a sudden?

Over the last several years we’ve seen Matt Murdock’s life crushed again and again. From having his identity made public, to having to feel the country to avoid arrest, to having his wife (Mila) driven insane and divorce him. It’s just been like his life was in an eternal tailspin, even before Shadowland. Now he’s back and he’s helping people with legal problems, joining the New Avengers and seems happier than he has in years and no one (especially readers) has any clue why. At first this just seemed like tone shift for the series may have some other or possibly sinister reasons behind it.

Other than that we get an action packed issue of Dare Devil saving a blind client from gun fire and finally facing off against the nascar of thugs. I’m not kidding, they guy wears a big green breast plate with logos for Hydra, AIM, ZODIAC and a few other villainous organizations on it. I’ve got no idea who this guy is but look forward to seeing more of him since he demolishes Dare Devil then starts updating his “People I want to beat up” list on his iPhone.

Grade Buy It

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