Mid-Ohio Con Roundup

Written on Tue, Oct 25, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

So the sun sets on Ohio and the first ever Mid-Ohio Con hosted by Wizard World has come to a close. What a weekend. We are more than a hundred books closer to our goal of 1000 for 2011. That leaves just over 200 to go (this might be a cue to go some online if you don’t have all of them already *wink**wink*). Most importantly we had a chance to see old friends and hopefully make new fans.

Speaking of fans we must again thank the unwavering support of our own two personal heroes. Cherise and Eric came to our rescue yet again by spreading the word about Unshaven Comics on the con floor. A hearty thanks also goes out to our friends Micheal Bear, Greg Stevens and Darrin Mitchell. All of us went for a bite and a drink at Schmit’s Saturday.

While it may be unfair to compare one convention to another, it was a great weekend. The floor setup and the crowd and booth setups seemed a little cramped at first but in the end everything moved like a well oiled machine. The crowd and the other vendors and members of artist alley reminded us all why we love attending conventions. Don’t be surprised if you see our names again on the list for 2012.

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