Spooktober! Green Wolfman!

Written on Fri, Oct 14, 2011 by Matt posted by matt

Update: This piece has been sold.

What the?! Hey, is that a extra post going up on a Friday!  Yep, it sure is kids!
Normally we try to stick to the two a week posting when we’re in book production mode, but I’m come at ya with an EXTRA post for the week.
Spooktober presents The Green Wolfman!
Hal Jordan received a power ring from a dying space alien to protect the earth and sector 2814.  On the way back to the military compound, he was bit by a random werewolf when he entered the base.  Thinking nothing off it, Jordan became the greatest green lantern of them all, until the night of the first full moon!

….well, it’s fun to think of the origin like that for Halloween terms anyway.

As always you can click on the image to make it larger and leave us a comment below.  Good or bad, we like to hear the feed back from you unshaven followers!

If your in the area, come to the Music Box Theater on the north side of Chicago this Saturday.  We’ll be there selling our first issue as it’s a horror story and generally being ourselves.  You can also enter an auction to bid on original art from the first issue.  Who knows, you might get it cheaper for then I’m selling it!

See you folks Tuesday!

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