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Spoilers ahead

-Action Comics #3

This issue features a split between art duties. As always the main story is done by Rags Morales but we also have flashbacks from Gene Ha to begin the issue. the beginning depicts the destruction of Krypton.

The destruction of Krypton has two things going on for it story wise that I want to address. The first being that Grant Morrison does an amazing job showing a society that seems completely different and also familiar to what we have on earth. Morrison has done this before in JLA One Million and again when depicting the end of time in The Return of Bruce Wayne. Each has it own feel of being a very different world than what we know. The second thing is incorporating different aspects from multiple story tellings for Superman’s origin. Most notably is the appearance of Brainiac at Krypton’s destruction. This comes from the animated series from the 90’s which was itself a wonderful retelling of the Superman mythos.

The second half of the issue deals with the fallout of Superman’s daring escape from military capture. We see the military, crooked businessmen and the media all turn against Superman once news of his origin becomes public. By the end we see the people of Metropolis have turned into xenophobic raging a-holes.

the story works well but the main issue is we have a lack of transitions. We go from Clark sitting down to eat at a fast food place with Jimmy and Lois to his sitting on a bench in a park with a homeless woman telling him a ghost of a white dog is following him. No explanation as to when this changed, and it happens a couple of times.

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