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Written on Fri, Nov 18, 2011 by Kyle posted by kyle

Reminder: The Unshaven grading system puts each book into one of 3 categories. ‘Buy It’, ‘Borrow It’ and ‘Pass It’.

Spoilers ahead.

Batman #3

It’s hard to believe that Scott Snyder would find something new that could exist in Gotham City that Batman doesn’t already know everything about, but he’s done it in a very convincing way. We have a new threat to Gotham with a reason to have stayed in the shadows until now. This ‘Court of Owls’ seems to want Gotham to stay as dark and crime riddled as we’ve always known it. It’s not been until now that Batman/ Bruce Wayne has sought to change the very nature of Gotham. Keeping the wave of crime and filth at bay is one thing, but cleaning the city of this filth does not seem to sit well.

This reminds me of when Jonathan Hickman took over the Fantastic Four. We have new villains that still play on the existing history of the character while also introducing new concepts that seem so simple. It makes sense that someone would want Gotham to stay the way it is. It makes sense that there is a group like a sinister and older version of Batman’s operation.

This issue plays catch up with Batman unweaving what he’s learned so far to figure out more of his new opponents. There isn’t much action but for long time Batman readers it’s a treat to see this newest addition to Gotham’s evil underbelly.

Grade Buy It


Avengers #19

While I am enjoying the art changes on the flagship Avengers title I can’t say the story was impressive. This issue focuses on Steve Rogers reorganizing the team’s roster. We see people getting added and people getting cut and being able to walk away. The main meat of this issue is that Vision, who I guess was destroyed in Fear Itself but fixed by Tony Stark, joins and everyone is very excited about it. I hadn’t even known anything was wrong with Vision so this was a little weird to see everyone happy to see him for no reason coupled with this proving that Fear Itself has nearly no lasting effects whatsoever.

Secondly Captain America approaches Black Panther about joining. Panther refuses, which is surprising since his series got canned, but he suggests Steve approach his wife (Storm) instead for the extra “Fire Power”. These aren’t bad additions to this team, especially since it means that Spiderman and Wolverine are leaving the team, which is a relief. I’ve felt it was a little too much having them both on Avengers and New Avengers, and as Wolverine puts it “They have their mutant and spider person.” Over all the team selection process has happened so often this issue does little to make it seem interesting or new.

The last problem comes with the final page. As Captain America and the team address the gathered press who should step out but Norman Osborn demanding to know why he was removed from his Director role of H.A.M.M.E.R. and imprisoned without due process. This would have been a good ending if it wasn’t exactly how the miniseries Osborn (by Kelly Sue Deconnick) ended a few months ago. Norman did the exact same thing in front of the press there and ended up back in jail, so it seems out of joint with whatever his master plan for the new H.A.M.M.E.R./A.I.M./ The Hand/ Hydra is. All in all a very boring and uninteresting issue from a writer I expect better from.

Grade Drop It


Justice League #3

Even though it’s all over the internet I still got a little chill at our first shadowy view of Darkseid. Of all the newly renumbered comics that have come from DC the Justice League is the one that most feel like a new beginning. We get our introduction to Wonder Woman in this issue. She’s quite the contract to the hardened warrior of her own series which makes me wonder (haha) what has happened to her between this event as the present.

We also get views of Cyborg getting his machine parts to save his life along with a final page glance at Aquaman. The story is playing out as you might expect it to. The monsters (Parademons) are attacking but we see them carrying people off rather than harming anyone, which is a good question. For all the action going on and the predictability of the super humans meeting/ fighting/ working together the most interesting element that Geoff Johns has here is in fact Darkseid. His troops are carrying off civilians and scientist and military personal, but why?

The series is building genuine interest and while we have all seen heroes going through these motions before the fact that it is ‘THIS’ team makes it more interesting to follow for now.

Grade Borrow It


-Catwoman #3

I think the mob of people complaining about all the T and A in this series have moved on to other complaints, which is a shame because this is the first issue where we have very little of both. And that’s taking into account a page of the main bad guy in a room with two strippers. This issue focuses on Catwoman exacting her revenge on the man who killed her friend/ business fence and has been blown up at least two of her apartments.

This issue focuses more on the emotional side of Selina Kyle. I don’t mean her sorrow and feeling so much when I say that as an emotional turmoil that she seems to be riding. After being tied to a chair and being forced to look at the body of a woman who was her friend Catwoman is left to die and instead goes nearly psycho. We get a look at what she’s become due to the violence and mistreatment of her past and how she channels it. I’ll simply leave you with the image of Catwoman going ballistic one the bad guy in question with a baseball bat until Batman gets involved.

I’ve said this before but this continues to be the case of DC giving us a series that doesn’t seem to hit its stride until issue 2-3. With a cliff hanger ending of the cops stumbling onto Catwoman burning evidence in the home of her deceased friend I’m finally excited to see what happens to Catwoman next.

Grade Borrow It

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