Comic Reviews for 11-23-11

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Reviews for 11-23-11

Reminder: The Unshaven grading system puts each book into one of 3 categories. ‘Buy It’, ‘Borrow It’ and ‘Pass It’.

And yes, there is only review this week. I had an amazingly small buy pile. Enjoy.

Spoilers ahead

– Fantastic Four #600

I was unsure about getting this issue considering the $7.99 price tag. And the early released news the Johnny Storm was indeed returning this issue. Since I’ve been picking up FF it all but seemed unavoidable that I’ll be purchasing Fantastic Four since Jonathan Hickman will be writing them both and likely keeping them closely tied.

So with my reservations in mind let me say this book is worth it as a read. We have 96 pages in total. The first 28 of those pick up where the last issue of FF left off. The war of the 5 cities is raging. The Baxter building is under attack from a Negative Zone cell bent on opening a Negative gate and letting the Annihilation wave in while the heroes defend New York from attacking Kree warships. Spider Man inspects the Baxter building and is unable to stop the gate opening only to see Johnny Storm with Annihilus on a leash.

The second story is another 48 pages covering what has happened to Johnny Storm since he’s been gone. Imagine World War Hulk condensed with no new love interest. Johnny is indeed killed but keeping in mind that this is the Negative Zone he is brought back multiple times to fight in an arena for Annihilus’ amusement. HE’s not alone, if you’ve been reading FF you remember the Inhumans sent so elite soldier into the NEgative Zone to fight and die in glory. They are in the same position as Johnny fighting and dying over and over again. Just before the gate to the regular world is open Johnny organizes the warriors to take what Annihilus uses to control his forces, the cosmic control rod. After some great fighting panels we see Johnny able to wrestle control of the Rod and taking charge of the entire Negative Zone. I’m not sure what will come next but I’m damned sure I won’t miss it.

The remaining stories hint at future stories to come. Some unseen person is manipulating Franklin Richards to become more powerful and Galactus wants Reed to summon him to Earth is there is a major danger. It isn’t as good but shows that Hickman has more planned out from here.

Grade Buy It

-Iron Man #510

I always enjoy issues that focus on the villain or in this case villains as much as the heroes. In this issue Matt Fraction has some of Tony Stark’s biggest villains working together on a plan that will declare war on Tony Stark. We have established villains like Ezekiel Staine, Justine Hammer, the Mandarin and hints of multiple underlings like Blizzard and Living Laser working on coordinated strikes that is cutting off parts of the world from any major water supply.

Meanwhile Tony stark and his new dwarf (Asgardian) fried attend an AA meeting together so Split Lip can start getting his life together. After wards Tony is served a subpoena for his suits bioscan readings over the last month. This means someone knew he was drunk while defending earth during Fear Itself and now it’s going to come out in court.

There’s something exciting about seeing a plan coming together. It’s being set up by a bunch of merciless killers and psychopaths but for some reason the genius of it all can still be appreciated. Especially against Tony Stark considering I consider him of the the most dickish heroes around.

Grade Buy It

-Secret Avengers #19

Another great episodic issue of the Secret Avengers upsetting the plans of the Shadow Council. This issue takes place in the run down capital of a fictional country called Symkaria that’s nestled between Romania and Serbia. This issue is higher on the espionage that the super science. A man named Voydanoi is selling some kind of new weapon to the Shadow Council.

We have a team of Sharon Carter and Black Widow (infiltrating the club/ base disguised as hookers), Moon Knight (as an American business man ordering a different hooker) and Steve Rogers dressed like a bum with no hooker. After everyone is in position it becomes clear that the purchase is for some new form of super soldier being sold to the Shadow Council in an hour. After seeing a few of them fight it seems the change is more spiritual that drug enhanced.

When we finally see Voydanoi he’s overdosed on what they were producing His men were smoking the uncovered bones of something that roamed the world before man or animal and stored its multiple souls in its bones. The soldiers were getting super charged by smoking Cthulhu bones. Think on that for just a few minutes. Luckily setting someone on fire and throwing him out the penthouse window seems a perfect cure for this.

This issues is as fun as it is interesting and continues to be my favorite Avengers series at the moment.

Grade Buy It

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